Sustainability Committee Agenda List

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is promoting the sustainability activities as a company-wide effort with an aim to realize the sustainable society and enhance corporate value.

As part of such activity, we have established the Sustainability Committee chaired by Representative Executive Officer, President & CEO, to report and deliberate major sustainability issues and built the structure where particularly important issues will be deliberated by and reported to the Board of Directors.

Agenda List

Date Number of times/agenda
November 21, 2023 The 20th
July 6, 2023 The 19th
May 23, 2023 The 18th
Date Number of times/agenda
November 24, 2022 The 17th
June 28, 2022 The 16th
May 27, 2022 The 15th
Date Number of times/agenda
November 25, 2021 The 14th
June 25, 2021 The 13th
June 1, 2021 The 12th
Date Number of times/agenda
January 12, 2021 The 11th
June 29, 2020 The 10th
May 28, 2020 The 9th