Biodiversity Data

Condition of Protcted Restored Habitats (Achivements by FY2021)

Business Site Protection:
Initiatives of preseerving native plants and creatures in and around the plants
Initiatives of restoring the ecosystem in and around the business sites to the condition which native plants and creatures are able to live
Kyoto Plants-Shiga Environmental preservation of "Yatsuda" where White egret flower lives Restoration of congongrass gregariousness, which provides habitats for various insects
Kyoto Plants-Kyoto Creating biotopes to provide habitas for insects and others Planting Asarum caulescens, Blackberry lily and Eupatorium Japonicum, which are native plants of Kyoto city
Planting water lily, floating hears and bulrushes, which are plants native to the city of Kyoto
Okazaki Plant and Research & Development Center Preparation of growth environments for birds though the installation of birdbaths
Construction of a culvert beneath the test course to provide a movement route for mammals,etc

Habitat Status of Rare Species (Red List of Japanese Ministry of the Environment)in and around the Plants (Status up to FY2019)

Kyoto Plant-Shiga(period of survey 2013-2014)

Category Number of Species Discovered Species
VU(Vulnerable) 3 Clouded Salamander, Whirligig Beetle and Oryzias latipes
NT(Near Threatened) 7 White egret flower, Agrostis valvata, Eurasian Sparrowhawk, Japanese pond turtle, B lackspotted Pond Frog, Trigomphus citmus and Trigomphus interruptus
EN(Endangered) 1 Species of insects not to be disclosed

Okazaki Plant and Research & Deveropment Center (period of survey:2016)

Category Number of Species Discovered Species
NT(Near Threatened) 2 Northern Coshawk, Eurasian Sparrowhawk
DD(Data Deficient) 1 Polistes japonicus

Mizushima Plant(period of survey:2017)

Category Number of Species Discovered Species
VU(Vulnerable) 1 Falcon
NT(Near Threatened) 2 Osprey,Jsapanese buzzard(Okayama Prefecture Red Data Book)

Tokachi Research & Development Center(period of survey:2018)

Category Number of Species Discovered Species
VU(Vulnerable) 7 White tailed eagle,Black woodpecker,Far eastern brook lamprey, Japanese crayfish, Corydalis, Rhododendron dauricum, Ajuga ciliata var villosior
NT(Near Threatened) 12 Japanese sable, Grey nightjar, Latham's snipe, Northern goshawk, Lasius teranishi, Brenthis daphne (subspecies of Hokkaido/North Honshu),Glaucopsyche, Japanese big-ear radix, Hyphydrus japonicus Sharp, llybius apicalis, Water scavenger beetles, Potamogeton pusillus
EN(Endangered) 2 Margaritiferidae,Carex uda
DD(Data Deficient) 4 Tamias sibiricus,Hazel grouse, Ezo salamander, Coenomyia basalis

Kyoto Plant-Kyoto(period of survey:2019)

Category Number of Species Discovered Species
DD(Data Deficient) 1 Grey-headed lapwing