Promoting Occupational Health and Safety

MITSUBISHI MOTORS believes that ensuring the health and safety of employees is the foundation of corporate activities, and have identified “Promoting Occupational Health and Safety” as a material issue. Based on our Health and Safety Management Policy, we pursue initiatives to enable all employees to dedicate themselves to their work with a feeling of reassurance. Furthermore, we are working to realize safe and secure workplaces by conducting safety-related legal compliance evaluations, including those of domestic and overseas consolidated subsidiaries.

In particular, we strive to prevent accidents in production sites, which account for most workplace accidents. In order to prevent these, we identify unsafe conditions in all work situations and make improvements. In FY2023 we will implement measures such as conducting experiential training utilizing external facilities. Through these measures, we aim to increase awareness of the dangers that exist in daily life and enhance the ability to anticipate and prevent disasters.

In addition, for the purpose of maintaining and improving the mental and physical health of our employees, MITSUBISHI MOTORS prioritizes two key measures: guidance on preventing lifestyle-related diseases and measures for maintaining good mental health. As a countermeasure for mental illness, which accounts for about half of all sick leave, we have introduced an external program to provide counseling for individual concerns, mental health education, and support for workplace environment improvement.