Environmental Plan Package

Anticipating a time 30 years in the future, in October 2020 MITSUBISHI MOTORS formulated the Environmental Plan Package, which defines the directions and targets of its environmental initiatives.

This package establishes the foundation for our directions on environment-related management strategy, outlining our objectives for realizing a sustainable society, including one that is carbon-neutral, as we conduct our business activities.

The Environmental Plan Package comprises the Environmental Policy, which we have revised to incorporate our medium- to long-term perspective; the Environmental Vision 2050, which sets out our vision for society to be achieved by 2050 and directions for our initiatives; and the Environmental Targets 2030, which clarifies specific initiatives to be achieved by 2030 in accordance with this vision.

With regard to action to climate change, in September 2022 we revised Environmental Vision 2050 to incorporate our goal of becoming carbon neutral. In addition, we announced our revised targets for Environmental Targets 2030 in March 2023 as a milestone for the realization of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. For Scope 1*1 and Scope 2*2, we raised our target for reducing CO2 emissions from business activities to the SBT*3 target equivalent to a 1.5°C level. For Scope 3*4, in addition of electrified vehicles sales ratio of “50% by FY2030” we added “100% by FY2035.” We also added quantitative targets related to procurement and distribution.

  1. Scope 1: A company’s direct emissions (such as from burning fuel)
  2. Scope 2: Indirect emissions, resulting from electricity, heat or steam provided by another company
  3. SBT: Short for Science Based Targets, which are greenhouse gas emission reduction targets set by companies consistent with the Paris Agreement levels
  4. Scope 3: Indirect emissions other than Scope 1 and Scope 2 (emissions from other companies and other sources related to the company’s activities)