Improvement of Product, Sales, and Service Quality

At MITSUBISHI MOTORS, we strive to always enhance quality at every point of contact with customers, from when a customer first considers purchasing a product through to the vehicle ownership period.

We have identified the “improvement of product, sales, and service quality” as a material issue, and we are undertaking to improve quality in four categories: product quality, perceived quality, sales quality and service quality. We aim for top-level quality from the customer's perspective to ensure satisfaction at all points of contact with our customers.

We set specific targets based on the analysis of quality information, consider and implement measures to realize “Top level quality from the customer viewpoint," and regularly following-up on the status of improvement.

Also, regarding information from customers about vehicle defects provided by sales companies, we have established systems for immediate policy consultation, establishment and enactment by gathering information and sharing it with relevant divisions on a daily basis.