Resource Recycling Initiatives

The rise in populations and economic growth in emerging markets is leading to a rise in the consumption of minerals, fossil fuels and other resources. Against this backdrop, MITSUBISHI MOTORS is working to use fewer resources and use them more effectively. We believe we can add more value to vehicles in manufacturing process. On this basis, we defined “Resource Recycling Initiative” as a material issue, and we are striving to minimize input resources and maximize resource efficiency.

Countries and industry groups are formulating various initiatives in order to promote automobile recycling and correct processing. In response, the Company set targets to improve the ease of recycling, reduce the use of lead, and introduce recycled parts for new vehicles when the MITSUBISHI MOTORS Recycling Initiative was established in 1998. We have continued to engage in this initiative.

At production plants, with the aim of realizing a recycling-oriented society that gives consideration to the environment and resources, we are promoting the effective use of resources. We are achieving a landfill waste disposal rate of zero (less than 0.5%) at every plant by converting industrial waste materials generated from production processes into reusable resources and reducing the volume of waste discharged.

The Environmental Targets 2030 identify the reuse of batteries used in electrified vehicles as one item to be addressed. From the perspective of conserving resources, we are undertaking initiatives to utilize used batteries. For example, at the Okazaki Plant we have built a power storage system that employs used batteries from the “Outlander PHEV.”