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Learn about the technologies that embody
the MITSUBISHI MOTORS brand message.


We aim to create unique and attractive
designs that provide new experiences
and excitement to our customers.



MITSUBISHI MOTORS centers its focus on safety technology, peace of mind, and comfort all the way to the driver's destination, whatever the weather or road conditions may be-and entering the motorsports world has made that foundation even stronger.



Over 50 years, MITSUBISHI MOTORS has taken up the challenge of participating in motorsports events. Motorsports provides the opportunity for pushing cars to the limit of their performances, as MITSUBISHI MOTORS continues its quest for the utmost in driving pleasure and safety. Along with the numerous victories and other overwhelming achievements, the technologies developed and the knowhow garnered through participation in motorsports is transferred into the development and building of production models, as well as supporting the development of next-generation technologies, which are ultimately implemented into the car you drive.

RALLIART is a heritage brand of MITSUBISHI MOTORS that has trained
its driving performance and styling in the harsh fields of
the World Rally Championship and the Paris-Dakar Rally.


Mitsubishi Group Three Principles

Mitsubishi Group Three Principles
Provided by The Mitsubishi Archives

The Mitsubishi companies share a strong sense of corporate responsibility. That sense dates from the origin of the old Mitsubishi organization over 150 years ago. The most lucid and best known expression of Mitsubishi principles is a creed articulated by the fourth president of the Mitsubishi organization, Koyata Iwasaki, in the 1930s. Even after more than 80 years, the spirit and values of this "Sankoryo" remain alive and current today.

Mitsubishi Group Three Principles