RALLIART is a heritage brand of MITSUBISHI MOTORS that has trained its driving performance and styling in the harsh fields of the World Rally Championship and the Paris-Dakar Rally.

New RALLIART will evolve to be a brand that showcases the “MITSUBISHI MOTORS-ness” and “manufacturing spirits” with the highest technology of MITSUBISHI MOTORS, while valuing its heritage.

We continue to pursue a brand that gives customers a sense of pride and excitement by providing good driving performance and secure feeling that does not make you feel uneasy in any environment , as well as styling that expresses strength, robustness, and authenticity.

RALLIART: The Spirit Lives On

The Spirit of Competition


Challenges in motorsports

Over 50 years, MITSUBISHI MOTORS has taken up the challenge of participating in motorsports events.
Motorsports provides the opportunity for pushing cars to the limit of their performances,
as MITSUBISHI MOTORS continues its quest for the utmost in driving pleasure and safety.
Along with the numerous victories and other overwhelming achievements,
the technologies developed and the knowhow garnered through participation in motorsports
is transferred into the development and building of production models,
as well as supporting the development of next-generation technologies, which are ultimately implemented into the car you drive.

Asia Cross
Country Rally

Cross Country Rally event officially recognized by FIA.
The rally takes place in the unique natural terrain of Southeast Asia,
mainly centered around Thailand.


From daily car life to motorsports scene,
wide variety of original items that pursue functionality, design, and quality.


Genuine RALLIART accessories with sporty design and red accents.
Why not to customize your vehicle more aggressive?

(Japanese Only)