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Osamu Masuko

While continuing to work to recover trust, we will press ahead with establishing a foundation for profitable and sustainable growth.

In FY2017, the first year of the mid-term plan (MTP) "DRIVE FOR GROWTH," we were able to make a good start, achieving the targets which were even revised upward during the fiscal year. I also find it very encouraging that our new products, XPANDER and Eclipse Cross, have been launched successfully.

  To reassure that we are on the right track in continuing reform initiatives to 'rebuild credibility, 'FY2018, the second year of the MTP, is a very important year. While making aggressive investments continuously to establish a foundation for profitable and sustainable growth, we will use our best endeavors to 'expand our size,' 'improve COP margin' and 'maintain healthy cash flow,' all of which are the goals of business.

June 2018

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