Preservation of Biodiversity

All living things are intricately connected in various relationships and live in balance. We benefit from this biodiversity in our lives.

MITSUBISHI MOTORS both directly and indirectly impacts on biodiversity due to our business activities. We have established the “Mitsubishi Motors Group Guidelines for the Preservation of Biodiversity” in order to protect the benefits of biodiversity so that humankind can continue to benefit from it. We have also identified the “Preservation of Biodiversity” as one of our material issues, and we are preservation activities in Japan and overseas.

At our main business sites in Japan, we have conducted ecosystem surveys to assess the impact that the use of land in Company business has on local biosystems. Based on the results of these surveys, we are promoting the maintenance of green areas within our business sites and the preservation of rare plants rooted in the local community. We also promote tree planting and other conservation activities at affiliated companies overseas.