Prevention of Pollution

It is possible that the air pollutants and chemical substances emitted due to business activities will have an impact on human health and biodiversity. As part of its effort to help achieve a sustainable society, MITSUBISHI MOTORS has identified “Prevention of Pollution” as a material issue. Throughout all of our business activities, we work to reduce the impact on the environment from air pollutants and chemical substances.

In the stage of product development, along with reducing noxious components of exhaust gases and promoting the development of fuel economy improving technologies and electrification technologies, we strive to manage to hazardous substances.

In production processes, we are endeavoring to reduce air pollutants emitted from out plants by voluntarily enacting activity standards that are stricter than legal requirements. We are applying the waterborne 3WET paint method to its painting process to reduce VOC emissions. In Japan, we use this method at the Mizushima Plant and the Okazaki Plant. Overseas, the system is used on the No. 3 paint line at Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (MMTh). We are also upgrading our robotic and other painting systems, reducing the amount of paint used by adjusting production lots and increasing the amount of used thinner we recover. Through these moves, we are reducing VOC emissions from vehicle production.