Knowledge, experience, and expertise of the Board of Directors

The knowledge, experience, and expertise that are important for the Board of a listed company operating globally in the automotive industry amid major changes, shall be defined as follows: "management experience at a listed company," "expertise in the automotive field," "expertise in law, accounting or finance," and "knowledge of world affairs or social and economic trends".

Name Classification Persons with management experience in a listed company Persons with expertise in the automotive field Persons with expertise in legal, accounting or finance Experts on world affairs or social and economic trends
Tomofumi Hiraku Outside
Takao Kato
Hitoshi Inada
Shunichi Miyanaga Outside
Main Kohda Outside
Kenichiro Sasae Outside
Hideyuki Sakamoto Outside
Yoshihiko Nakamura Outside
Joji Tagawa Outside
Takahiko Ikushima Outside
Takehiko Kakiuchi Outside
Kanetsugu Mike Outside
Junko Ogushi Outside

Note: The above table does not represent all the knowledge and experience possessed by each director.