IR Site Disclaimer

On this site, within Mitsubishi Motors' outlook for plans, strategies, convictions and achievements that are not historical facts are the futureprospects. These future prospects are based on the expectations, anticipations, outlooks and predictions that are obtainable at present. These expectations, anticipations, outlooks and predictions include risks, undecided elements and assumptions, and may differ extremely from thementioned matters.

Therefore please refrain from depending only on those achievement outlooks.

Also, the result of progress of new information, a future occurrence, and others may change these prospects.

In addition, the elements that can affect actual achievements include changes of the politics and the economic situations and demands of main cities, change of the exchange rate of the Japanese yen to U.S. dollar Euro etc. is mainly included.

This website is not aimed at investment invitation. Decisions about investments must be made according to the users' own judgments.

The investors who received the information that is non-opened to the publicdirectly from the company (the first information receiver) are forbidden toperform a stock trade before the information is open to officially announced(Article 166 of Securities Exchange Act).

By the example of law enforcement, “officially announced” is consideredwith 12 hours having passed after a company exhibited information to the twoor more press, as a period required for common knowledge.