Vision & Mission

MITSUBISHI MOTORS’ Philosophy System

Our company’s corporate activities are based on the “Three Principles,” which are positioned as the basic principles common to the Mitsubishi Group. For each employee, aim to realize the “Vision” through carry out the “Mission” by practicing the “MMC WAY” that shows the minimum necessary attitude and behavior and the “Global Code of Conduct” that all executives and employees must comply with.


Create vibrant society by
realizing the potential of mobility

The “Vision” includes our desire to promote new challenges and economic activities of individuals and contribute to the revitalization of society as a whole by streamlining and optimizing the movement of people.


  1. Provide new experiences for our customers with creative products and service excellence.
  2. Make positive contributions to the sustainable development of our society.
  3. Act sincerely as a trusted company.
  4. Enhance stakeholder value by leveraging the Alliance.


MITSUBISHI MOTORS has summarized the attitudes and actions that employees need to practice to fulfill our mission. We have encapsulated this information into five concrete and easy-to-understand keywords and shared them with employees as the “MMC WAY.”

  1. 1.Think of Our Customers, Strengthen Trust
  2. 2.Enrich Society
  3. 3.Welcome All Facts, Share Difficult News First
  4. 4.Conduct and Challenge Yourself Professionally
  5. 5.Respect All, Work as a Broader Team

MITSUBISHI MOTORS Global Code of Conduct

In order to fulfill its social responsibilities as a company by not only complying with laws, international rules, and internal regulations but also by respecting changing social norms to the greatest degree possible, we have issued a “Global Code of Conduct” to serve as a standard of conduct for all executives and employees. We are also redoubling our efforts to enhance our compliance framework and employee training, including those at our major associates in Japan and overseas.

  1. Comply with all Laws and Rules

    We shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country where the Company conducts business as well as all Company policies and rules.

  2. Promote Safety

    We shall maintain and promote a healthy work environment, and engage in safe work practices. We are also committed to ensuring the safety of our customers and passengers, and continually promoting the safety of products.

  3. Avoid Conflict of Interest

    We shall act in the best interests of the Company, and shall not behave, act, or use any information contrary to the Company's interests. Furthermore, we shall strive to avoid any conduct that may be considered a conflict of interest.

  4. Prohibit Association with Anti-Social Forces

    We shall never have any association with anti-social forces whatsoever. We shall not participate in acts of terrorism, drug dealings, money laundering, and other individual or organized criminal activities.

  5. Preserve Company Assets

    We shall safeguard the Company's assets, and shall never use the said assets, including funds, confidential business information, physical properties and intellectual properties without permission.

  6. Be Impartial and Fair

    We shall maintain impartial and fair relationship with public servants as well as business partners, including dealers, suppliers, and other third parties. We shall not participate in or endorse any corrupt practices including bribery, directly or indirectly such as through a third party.

  7. Be Transparent and Accountable

    We shall maintain accounts and records relating to corporate management with integrity, and disclose Company's business activities fairly and transparently to our stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, employees, and local communities with timely and properly manner.

  8. Respect Human Rights and Diversity, Provide Equal Opportunity

    We shall respect the human rights and diversity of suppliers, customers, other executives, colleagues, and local communities. We shall never tolerate discrimination, retaliation or harassment in any form or degree.

  9. Be Environmentally Responsible

    We shall strive to take into consideration environmental conservation when developing products and providing services, and promote recycling, as well as resource and energy savings.

  10. Be Active and Report Violations

    We shall carry out our work in accordance with this Global Code of Conduct. When we have come to know any violation of this Global Code of Conduct, we shall immediately report it to the Company, and the executives and employees who have come forward with such information based on their own beliefs shall be infallibly protected from any form of retaliation.