Contribution to Local Economy through Business Activities

MITSUBISHI MOTORS recognizes that sustainable management and growth cannot be achieved without coexistence with the regions in which we operate. Therefore, we have identified "Contribution to the Local Economy through Business Activities" as a material issue.

Particularly in the ASEAN region, our major core market, we aim to achieve further growth by providing the products our customers demand. At the same time, we contribute to the local economy by helping to solve social issues by maintaining and creating jobs, supporting human resource development, increasing investment, promoting technology transfer and expanding exports.

Local subsidiaries take charge of planning and implementing activities in line with initiatives that target material issues in the ASEAN region. Our sales division, which maintains administrative and supervisory functions, is responsible for promoting these initiatives. In the four countries where our production bases are located (Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam), every six months we check with local subsidiaries on the rate of progress and results of initiatives, reporting to the management team via the Sustainability Committee.