About the 18th Sustainability Committee Meeting

Tokyo, June 16, 2023

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is promoting the sustainability activities as a company-wide effort with an aim to realize the sustainable society and enhance corporate value.


As part of such activity, we have established the Sustainability Committee chaired by Representative Executive Officer, President & CEO, to report and discuss major sustainability issues and built the scheme where important issues will be discussed by and reported to the Board of Directors.


Please find the agenda for the 15th Sustainability Committee organized as below.



   May 27, 2022



1. Reported on the outline of Environmentally Rated Loan Program.

2. Reported the result of the FY2021 activities of MITSUBISHI MOTORS' Materiality.

3. Reported on how to proceed with the review of MITSUBISHI MOTORS' Materiality.

4. Reported on the carbon neutral efforts.

5. Discussed on the status of efforts based on TCFD recommendations and future information disclosure.

6. Reported on the following 3 items related to sustainability initiatives.

(1) FY2021 human rights due diligence assessment results.

(2) FY2022 disclosure policy.

(3) FY2021 sustainability internal enlightenment activities result and FY2022 activity plan.



【Chair】 Representative Executive Officer, President & CEO
【Vice-chair】 Corporate Officer Division General Manager, General Administration, Communication, Sustainability Division
【Members】 Representative Executive Officer, Executive Vice President(responsible for Monozukuri), Representative Executive Officer, Executive Vice President(responsible for Sales), Representative Executive Officer, Executive Vice President(CFO), Senior Executive Officer(responsible for Corporate Governance), Senior Executive Officer (responsible for Production), Senior Executive Officer(responsible for Sales Strategy / Reformation), Executive Officer Division General Manager, Corporate Strategy Management Division, Executive Officer (responsible for Product Strategy) Division General Manager, Product Strategy Division, Corporate Officer, Division General Manager, Human Resources Division, Corporate Officer, Division General Manager, Mobility Business Division, Corporate Officer, Division General Manager, EV Powertrain Engineering Development Division 1, Corporate Officer, (responsible for ASEAN & Oceania), Division General Manager, Vehicle Engineering Development Division1, Division General Manager, Production Engineering Division, Division General Manager, SCM Division, Division General Manager, Procurement Management Division, Division General Manager, Internal Control Promotion Office, Division General Manager, TCS Division, Division General Manager, PD Office, Division General Manager, Global Sales Development Division, Division General Manager, Global After Sales Division, Division General Manager, Domestic Sales Division
【Observer】 Member of the Board (Audit Committee member), General Manager of IR Office, General Manager of Public Relations Department, General Manager of Financial Planning Office

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