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What is the Mitsubishi Auto Gallery?

The Mitsubishi Auto Gallery was opened in the Mitsubishi Motors Technical Center in 1989 to provide visitors with a better understanding of the numerous vehicles produced by Mitsubishi over the years and how they were developed, from the 1917 Mitsubishi Model A to present day models.
This gallery introduces you to the history of Mitsubishi automobile production and concepts that have been handed down from generation to generation. This includes displays of some of the most famous cars of all time, groundbreaking vehicles that have made their mark on history, and competitive sport vehicles that have played an important role in motorsports.

Facility Information

1. The Beginning of Mitsubishi's car

This exhibit showcases vehicles that were produced during the era when the Japanese automobile industry was just gaining momentum in all aspects of technology and manufacturing.
The Mitsubishi Model A was the first mass-produced passenger car in Japan, an achievement made possible by the passion of its engineers.
This space is filled with the origins of Mitsubishi vehicles produced from the end of the war and throughout the post-war rapid growth period, as well of the passion of their engineers.

2. The car ran through the times

From Concept Car to Production Car

Various new technologies and designs are proposed for concept cars to be introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show and other events.
Some of these have undergone further development and will eventually be mass produced.
We will replace the display cars in this area reqularly.
*Examples of Exhibitions

3. The car challenged to the utmost limit

Mitsubishi's history in motorsports began in 1962, when the Mitsubishi 500 entered and won its class at the 9th Macau Grand Prix for the first time.
The Mitsubishi Lancer was driven at the Southern Cross Rally for the first time in 1973 and won its first victory. The model evolved as it continued to win numerous races, and finally transformed into the Lancer Evolution X.
Some of these have undergone further development and will eventually be mass produced.
We will replace the display cars in this area reqularly.
*Examples of Exhibitions


Historical emblems, racing suits, and the various prestigious trophies won throughout Mitsubishi’s history are on display.


Mitsubishi Motors, Okazaki Plant (Address: 1, Nakashinkiri, Hashime-cho, Okazaki, Aichi-pref., 444-8501)

Access by Train

  • Aichi Loop Railway
    40-minute walk to Okazaki Plant Main Gate from Kitanomasuzuka Station 

Access by Car

  • Appox. 20 minutes from Okazaki IC or Toyota IC on the Tomei Expressway
  • Approx. 15 minutes from Toyota-Minami IC or Toyota-Higashi IC on the Isewangan Expressway

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