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Recycling-based Design and Development

Under vehicle recycling legislation in Japan and Europe, automobile manufacturers are obligated to consider recycling when developing products. Mitsubishi Motors conducts design and development that actively incorporates not just recycling, but all aspects of the 3Rs including reduction and reuse.
Since 1999, we have implemented the 3Rs in the stage starting with conceptual design in accordance with our unique Recycling Plan Guidelines. With regard to wires and harnesses, and motors, we have improved detachability and ease of recycling in accordance with the Harness Design Guidelines.
Parts made from recycled materials include spare tire covers and battery trays made with recycled material from bumpers replaced during repairs performed by dealers.

Use of Recycled Parts on New Vehicles


Main parts (indicated in green) that use thermoplastic resin on the Eclipse Cross.
Top : Exterior, Bottom : Interior

We proactively adopted 3R designs in accordance with the Recycling Plan Guidelines for all vehicles developed in fiscal 2017. Eclipse Cross, which was launched in fiscal 2017, uses easily recyclable thermoplastic resin for exterior and interior parts.
We will continue to manufacture vehicles with due consideration to the 3Rs from the initial stages of development to promote resource conservation and simplify recycling.