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Brake Fluid

  • Mitsubishi Genuine Brake Fluid
  • Brake Fluid Level (Should be between MAX. and MIN.)

Brake fluid is very important to ensure the correct and safe operation of the vehicle's braking system.
Brake fluid is the oil used to transmit the hydraulic pressure produced by the driver and boosted by a brake booster to each brake caliper or brake drum.
Brake fluid easily absorbs moisture which lowers the boiling temperature of the brake fluid.
Deteriorated brake fluid may not transmit the hydraulic pressure to each wheel.
Moisture absorbed in brake fluid can also cause rust inside the brake system leading to cylinder and piston malfunction.
Periodical replacement of brake fluid is recommended.

Brake Warning Lamp
When this lamp is illuminated,
- Brake fluid level is too low
- Parking brake is still working
- ABS Failure
are possible causes. Check as soon as possible at a Mitsubishi dealer.

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