MMAL and DRA jointly assist flood recovery in South Australian Riverland [Australia]

Tokyo, March 28, 2024

From May 29 to July 13, 2023, Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd. (MMAL), which is the Mitsubishi Motors' sales hub in Australia, and NPO Disaster Relief Australia ("DRA") jointly assisted a flood recovery activity by Mid Murray Council* which occurred across the Riverlands in South Australia in December 2022.
From MMAL, in addition to two new units of Triton and Pajero Sport each, seven staff members including Westcott CEO participated in this activity.
All participants assisted to clean mud, debris, and rubbish out of homes and buildings affected by the flood, as well as assisted in repairs and equipment service.

Shaun Westcott says, "MMAL is proud to continue our partnership with DRA. The work they do in our communities is not only vital to disaster recovery but also community wellbeing."

  • Local government of South Australia

Comment from DRA

The support of MMAL during DRA’s Riverland flood recovery operation was essential in our ability to serve a community devastated by disaster. This valuable partnership facilitates every operation and ensures that we can safely transport our volunteers whenever and wherever they are needed.


Not-for-profit organization deploying emergency response teams of experienced military veterans.

MMAL’s partnership history with DRA