MMC Provides Environment Class to Elementary School Pupils~Hands-on lessons program~

Tokyo, January 07, 2022

From October through December, MMC conducted environmental part of hands-on class program for elementary schools in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture and Shiga Prefecture.


During the class, in addition to the quiz-style lecture concerning the relationship between automobile and environment, we organized quiz contest about eco-components using recycled automobile components, experimental ride on electrified vehicles and check of actual cars and viewing of video concerning de-carbonation society and next-generation automobiles produced by the city of Kyoto to have deeper insight into manufacturing of environment-friendly automobile. We also organized plant tour of our plant in Shiga for those pupils of elementary schools in Shiga Prefecture.


■Comment from School Teachers

  • Pupils enjoyed learning about the relationship between automobiles and the environment in quiz style.
  • Thank you for sincerely answering many questions from pupils.
  • We had a tour of the plant in Shiga on the same day. We had not expected that we had this close look of the assembly. It was a great experience not only for the children but also to us.


■Comments from MMC Employee Lecturers

  • The pupils were very animated, looking happy when their answer was correct and disappointed when their answer was incorrect. We were also happy to see them having fun in the class. The feedback from many pupils, who participated in the class, that it was good to learn about EVs reminded us of importance of this activity.
  • Pupils answered the quiz with energy, showed great interest during the tour of the plant, and asked a lot of questions at the end of the tour. Many pupils seemed to be grateful for learning at the plant. It was good that we accepted the pupils for the combination of hands-on lessons program and plant tour, while taking measures to prevent expanded infection of COVID-19.