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Tokyo, February 24, 2011
Mitsubishi Motors Launches Delica D:2 New Compact Minivan
Tokyo, February 24, 2011 - Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announced today the launch of its all-new compact minivan Delica D:2. It achieves compact body yet having roomy interior space, as well as it features many convenient essences such as sliding rear doors on both sides and various seating arrangements. This Delica D:2 uses a fuel-efficient 1.2L engine mated to CVT, with all models eligible for Japanese domestic eco-car tax reduction of 75%. Delica D:2 goes on sale at affiliated dealerships throughout Japan from March 10, 2011, carrying a tax-inclusive price tag ranging from \1,393,000 to \1,779,000.
The product basis of this new Delica D:2 are "spacious", "convenience", and "eco". It will be placed as an entry model within MMC's multi-featuring minivan series of "Delica", lined up along with a full size minivan Delica D:5.
Now, Delica D:2 is an OEM model from Suzuki Motors Co.

Delica D:2

1. Product Outline

(1) Product Features

< Spacious >
  • Although with its compact body of overall length 3,710mm and overall width 1,620mm, its overall height of 1,765mm allows Delica D:2 to surpass the interior height of a full size minivan, Delica D:5 (1,310mm), with its 1,345mm. Combined with its interior length of 2,130mm ("G"), it provides the most spacious feel a passenger could have.
  • Its low and flat floor and the walkthrough space between the front and rear seat rows allowed Delica D:2 of its "H Walkthrough" system, enabling mobility in both front/rear directions but also in left/right directions.
< Convenience >
  • Delica D:2 is available with sliding rear doors on both sides, that enhances the loading ease even in tight space, as well as aiding the passengers to get on/off the vehicle.
    ("S" comes with electricity-operated sliding rear doors on both sides. "X" and "G" have an electricity-operated sliding door on the left side.) 
  • Delica D:2 is capable of various seating arrangements, with a 50:50 split rear seat that slides 165mm each, as well as one-touch folding system (excluding "G" grade) that expands the luggage space ease. The luggage space and interior space are both easily arranged, either to get cozy in the flat-seat, or carrying lengthy luggage such as a bicycle.
  • Delica D:2 offers various storage spaces, such as front passenger under-the-seat console box, compartment under the luggage space and front passenger seat upper compartment with temperature-retaining capability.
< Eco >
  • Delica D:2 applies a combination of a 1.2L DOHC 16-valve engine (with a variable valve timing control) and high-efficiency CVT. Also helped by its light weight body (2WD "G" grade is 1,000kg), it achieves a topnotch fuel consumption of 22.5km/L (Japanese 10-15 mode fuel consumption for "G" grade) in compact minivan class. All models are applicable for Japanese eco-car tax reduction of 75%.

(2) Trim Levels

Delica D:2 is available in the following 3 trim levels:
  • "G" (2WD) : standardized push-button ignition & keyless entry system, immobilizers and other high-end equipments.
  • "X" (2WD, 4WD) : all the standard equipments in "G" trim, plus SRS side airbags for driver and passenger, automated air conditioning, and aluminum wheels.
  • "S" (2WD, 4WD) : all the standard equipments in "X" trim, plus electricity-operated sliding rear doors on both sides, discharged head lights, front fog lamps, and others.

(3) Color Lineups

Following 6 colors:
  • Pearl White (extra charge: \21,000)
  • Bluish Black Pearl
  • Classy Red Pearl
  • Urban Brown Pearl Metallic
  • Grace Blue Pearl Metallic
  • Mellow Bronze Pearl Metallic

(4) Main Specifications

Overall length x width x height
3,710 x 1,620 x 1,765 (mm)
Interior length* x width x height
2,100 - 2,130 x 1,415 x 1,345 (mm)
Vehicle weight*
1,000 - 1,090 (kg)
5 (people)
Fuel consumption (Japanese 10-15 mode) *
20.0 - 22.5(km/L)
DOHC 16-valve, 4-cylinder
Engine displacement

*Values vary depending on each trim level

2. Sales Information
Monthly Sales Target
800 units
Delica D:2 is available at Mitsubishi Motors dealerships throughout Japan
  (3) Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)  
The suggested retail prices for each model (not including recycling fees. Insurances, taxes aside from the consumption tax, and registration and other expenses) are as follows:
[Unit: JPY]
Trim Level
Drive Train
(including consumption tax)
Eco-car Tax Reduction
1.2L 16-valve
Four-cylinder DOHC
*Displayed model

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