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Tokyo, June 22, 2016
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Announces Full-year Fiscal 2016 Forecasts
Tokyo, June 22, 2016 - Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) today announced its forecasts for the FY2016 full-year (April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017). The announcement on the FY2016 forecasts were put "on hold" in order to carefully assess the future impact from the "improper conduct in fuel consumption testing on vehicles manufactured by MMC," which was announced on April 20, 2016.
On June 17, MMC submitted a report on the investigation results as well as preventative measures to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism concerning the improper conduct in fuel economy testing. Now that the full scope of the issue has been clarified, MMC was able to calculate forecasts and made the announcement today.
1. FY2016 forecasts
FY2016 operating results forecasts are as follows:
1. Outline of FY2016 operating forecasts
  • Net sales: 1910.0 billion yen, a decrease of 16% or 357.8 billion yen year-on-year
  • Operating income: 25 billion yen, a decrease of 82% or 113.4 billion yen year-on-year
  • Ordinary income: 32 billion yen, a decrease of 77% or 109.0 billion yen year-on-year
  • Net income:* -145.0 billion yen, a decrease of 217.6 billion yen year-on-year
*Net income attributable to owners of the Parent
2. Sales volume forecast (Retail)
Forecast for FY2016 is 962,000 units, a decrease of 8% or 86,000 units over the same period in FY2015. Sales volumes by region are as follows:
  • Japan: 60,000 units, down 41% or 42,000 units year-on-year
  • North America: 138,000 units, up 2% or 3,000 units year-on-year
  • Europe: 187,000 units, down 9% or 19,000 units year-on-year
  • Asia: 331,000 units, up 3% or 9,000 units year-on-year
  • Other regions: 246,000 units, down 13% or 37,000 units year-on-year

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