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Tokyo, July 26, 2013
Mitsubishi Motors Expands Production in Brazil with ASX
- Focus on Emerging Markets Spreads to Fourth Largest Automobile Market -
Tokyo, July 26, 2013 – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announced the start of production of the ASX compact SUV at a factory in Catalão, Brazil through its non-exclusive distributor and assembler MMC Automotores do Brasil Ltda. (MMCB).
Brazil became the fourth largest automobile market in 2012 with annual sales of 3.6 million units. World attention is soon to focus on Brazil with the 2014 World Cup along with the 2016 Olympics set to be held there. Hopes are that the automobile market will further grow with the series of these major events.
MMC first commenced production through MMCB in September 1998, and have been producing three SUV models*1 in the recent years. The ASX is a global strategic vehicle and a core model for MMC which its production started first in Japan, then the United States, Indonesia, and China prior to Brazil.
The ASX compact SUV has already sold more than 26,000 units*2 since its introduction to Brazil as an imported model. It has been highly regarded as meeting the needs of Brazilian consumers for
  • its exterior design that reflects a sense of quality fused with the toughness of an SUV
  • high fuel economy
  • versatility in a number of situations
  • ease of use with a small turning radius inherent to its compact body
among others. MMC will work to further build on the competitiveness of the ASX for Brazilian consumers through local production.
MMC aims to bolster its operating base in Brazil - one of its important markets - and provide Brazilian consumers with products that meet their needs. MMC will aggressively develop its business in Brazil.
*1: Pajero TR4, L200 Triton, and Pajero Dakar.
*2: as of June 2013.
ASX   Manufacturing line for ASX in MMCB
MMC Automotores do Brasil Ltda. Profile
·São Paulo Office
São Paulo, state of São Paulo
Eduardo de Souza Ramos, Chairman
Robert Rittscher, President
BRL 76,428,000
Eduardo de Souza Ramos (87.59%)
BTG Pactual Participations, LTD. (12.41%)
No. of Employees
Approx. 240 (As of July 2013)
No. of Offices
178 (As of March 2013)
·Catalão Headquaters/Factory
Catalão, state of Goiás, approximately 700km from São Paulo
Area of Facilities
Products Produced
Production Capacity
Approx. 50,000 units/year
(Paint: two shifts, other areas one shift)
Models Produced
Pajero TR4, L200 Triton, Pajero Dakar, ASX
Capital Investment in Facilities
Approx. BRL 1,180,000,000
(forecast; cumulative, by the end of 2013)
No. of Employees
Approx. 3,260 (As of July 2013)
·Timeline of Major Events
April 1985   Established as Brabus Autosport Ltda.
1990   Brazil lifts prohibition of automobiles imports.
October 1991   Import and sales of MMC vehicles begins.
September 1993   Name change to MMC Automotores do Brasil Ltda.
September 1998   Establishment of factory at Catalão. Production of L200 Savana begins.
June 2002   Expansion of Catalão factory, production of Pajero TR4 begins.
August 2003   Production of L200 Outdoor begins.
March 2006   Production of Pajero Dakar begins.
July 2007   Pajero TR4 FFV (flex-fuel vehicle) goes on sale.
October 2007   Production of L200 Triton begins.
July 2009   Name change to MMC Automotores do Brazil S.A.
(from LLC to publically-traded company)
August 2009   Production of L200 Outdoor FFV begins.
October 2009   Production of Pajero TR4 Face Lift and Pajero Dakar FFV begins.
2012   Name change to MMC Automotores do Brazil Ltda.
January 2013   Headquarters transferred to Catalão from São Paulo.
July 2013   Production of ASX begins.

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