Outlander PHEV utilized to light up Illumination [Japan]

Tokyo, December 24, 2020


On Friday, December 18, 2020, at the illumination lighting event held at the Kyoto campus of Heian Jogakuin University, the Outlander PHEV was utilized to light up the illumination by utilizing its power storage/feeding function through the cooperation of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) .

Heian Jogakuin University holds an illumination event every year, and its event concept for this year was to "light up the illumination using electricity sourced from 100% renewable energy".

To realize this concept, we fully charged the Outlander PHEV from the smart house at Kyoto Plant of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, and transported it to the Kyoto campus. The fully charged Outlander PHEV was then used as the power source to supply electricity to the entire illumination.

This first collaboration project with Heian Jogakuin University and Kyoto Plant of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation was realized at the request of Kyoto City which has concluded a disaster cooperation agreement with MMC.

The total power consumption of the colorful illumination was about 400 watts, and the electricity stored in the Outlander PHEV enabled to keep the lights on for about five hours without any problems. We were able to help illuminate Kyoto City beautifully utilizing the clean PHEV and clean electricity generation.


■ Feedback from the visitor viewing the illumination

I was amazed to learn that it's possible to light up so many lights by utilizing a PHEV as a power source. I visit this event every year to enjoy the illumination, but this year, in addition to the illumination, the cool "Outlander PHEV" was also exhibited. So I was able to take great photos with a different atmosphere than in previous years.