Mitsubishi Motors’

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC)
has exhibited at KidZania since 2006,
deeply sympathizing with the philosophy
of KidZania, which aims to provide children,
as the future leaders of Japan,
with learning opportunities to nurture
their ability to live in the real world.

Through our pavilion, we hope that children will experience the fascination
and fun of cars and the joy of driving,
while nurturing their ability to think
and act on their own, as well as
their ability to cooperate, be proactive,
and communicate with others,
which are necessary
in the social structure and social life.

Mitsubishi Motors

Let’s design
a concept car !
Learn about the connection between car design and lifestyle and design a concept car. The designed car will be printed as the cover of the catalog, making it the one and only catalog in the world!
Get your driver’s license !
Learn traffic rules and driving manners Using the Driving Simulator. If you pass the course, you’ll be issued a driver’s license with your photo.
The driver’s license can be used at all KidZania locations worldwide.
* Height 110cm or taller
Let’s rent a car and drive !
Once you get your driver’s license, you can rent a car and drive it. Drive with paying attention to the traffic rules and driving manners you learned in the course.
* Height 110cm or taller
Let’s design a car !
You can experience the work of a car modeler, who cuts clay and designs the shape of a car while looking at a design drawing. You can take home your clay model.
Let’s build a car !
You can build one car by installing the motor, seats, and doors of the car.
Let’s work together to assemble it.

What is KidZania?

KidZania is a place where
children can learn about
the workings
of society while having fun.
About 100 different jobs and services are available
for children to experience.
Using authentic equipment and tools, children can experience
a variety of jobs and services just like adults.

Learning about
the relationship
car manufacturing
and society

“Why? Why? Car Development
Research Kids” is a site where visitors
can enjoy learning
about automobile manufacturing
and its relationship with society.
The site introduces the production
process, the structure of a car,
and environment-
and people-friendly car manufacturing.