Tokyo, April 08, 2022


Mitsubishi Motors Wins No. 1 PHEV Sales in Japan for FY 2021

Tokyo, April 8, 2022 – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (hereafter, Mitsubishi Motors) announced that its total sales of the plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) in fiscal 2021 was 11,663 units in Japan, and won the first place in the PHEV sales ranking1. The total sales of the PHEVs consists of the all-new Outlander PHEV model that was rolled out last December, the previous generation Outlander PHEV, and the Eclipse Cross PHEV model. In terms of PHEV sales ranking by models1, the Outlander PHEV models were ranked as first2, followed by the Eclipse Cross PHEV model.

  • All-new Outlander PHEV model

FY 2021 Unit Sales
FY 2021
Outlander (PHEV model) 2
6,267 units
Eclipse Cross (PHEV model)
5,396 units
Total PHEV unit sales for FY 2021
11,663 units
1. From April 2021 to March 2022; according to the survey by the Japan Automobile Dealers Association (JADA)
2. Combined total of the all-new Outlander PHEV model and previous generation Outlander PHEV.
As a result of its research and development of electric vehicles (EVs) since 1964, Mitsubishi Motors launched the Outlander PHEV in 2013, based on the concept; EV for everyday driving and hybrid for excursions. With an addition of another PHEV model — the Eclipse Cross PHEV model — to its lineup in 2020, the Company has been taking the lead in the PHEV category with approximately 300,000 units sold in more than 60 countries around the world. Furthermore, Mitsubishi Motors will introduce a new all-electric kei-car3 at the beginning of this fiscal year, and is planning to relaunch a kei-car class electric commercial vehicle this fall, thus bringing electrified vehicles to even more customers.
3. Kei-car is a vehicle category in Japan for microcars.
About Mitsubishi Motors
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (TSE:7211) —a member of the Alliance with Renault and Nissan—, is a global automobile company based in Tokyo, Japan, which has more than 30,000 employees and a global footprint with production facilities in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, mainland China, the Philippines, Viet Nam and Russia. Mitsubishi Motors has a competitive edge in SUVs, pickup trucks and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and appeals to ambitious drivers willing to challenge convention and embrace innovation. Since the production of our first vehicle more than a century ago, Mitsubishi Motors has been a leader in electrification—launched the i-MiEV –the world's first mass-produced electric vehicle in 2009, followed by the Outlander PHEV –the world's first plug-in hybrid electric SUV in 2013. The company announced a three-year business plan in July 2020 to introduce more competitive and cutting-edge models, including the Eclipse Cross (PHEV model), the all-new Outlander and the all-new Triton/L200.
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