Tokyo, January 30, 2020


Concerning the on-site investigation of diesel-engine vehicles in Germany

Tokyo, January 8, 2021 – We would like to update and clarify our press release of 30 January 2020 as follows:
The Frankfurt Pubic Prosecutor Authorities searched our European R&D facility (Mitsubishi Motor R&D Europe GmbH) based in Germany and German distributor (MMD Automobile GmbH) based on an investigation in January this year. The investigation of the Public Prosecutors Authorities is currently ongoing and we are continuing to cooperate with the authorities. We take compliance very seriously and are making efforts to solve the situation as soon as possible. However, we can again confirm that we do not use a so called switching logic in the software of our vehicles, which would recognize regulatory emissions test for the purpose of improving the emissions values of our vehicles during such tests.
Tokyo, January 30, 2020 – On January 21, the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor authorities visited our European R&D facility* based in Germany and German distributor** for an investigation.
* Mitsubishi Motor R & D Europe GmbH (MRDE)
** MMD Automobile GmbH (MMDA)
According to the Prosecutor's announcement, the subject of the on-site investigations are passenger cars with 2.2 litre diesel engine with the emission standard Euro 5b, as well as 2.2 litre & 1.6 litre diesel engines with the emission standard Euro 6b (Those engines are no longer manufactured.).
Specifically, the Prosecutor stated that there has been a suspicion that those engines are equipped with a so-called "defeat device" that makes sure that the permissible limits for nitrogen oxides (NOx) are met on bench tests, but not in real-life use. 
The 1.6L diesel engine subject to the investigation, including its control system, is manufactured by PSA Group.
Based upon the preliminary internal investigation we have just started, the followings are our findings at this moment:
1.  No engines manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors are equipped with a so-called "defeat device" that makes sure that the permissible limits for NOx are met on bench tests, but not in real-life use.
2.  We have been fully disclosing Mitsubishi Motors manufactured engine and its control system to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), and making improvements whenever any indications are made.
3.  The above-mentioned vehicles subject to the investigation have been marketed only after being approved in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including emission standards. All of our vehicles in the market have been approved by KBA.
Given the above, we have found no reason to believe that there was any fraud as suspected by the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor authorities.
We will continue our internal inspection on this matter and also cooperate fully with the prosecutors.
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