e K   X   s p a c e

S M I L E S   &   F R E E   S T Y L E S


The super height wagon mini car with unique SUV taste


Robust and vigorous Exterior

Face design developed by 'DYNAMIC SHIELD' concept. Horizontal and vertical front grille and bumper represent robustness and a stable feeling, and enhance SUV-ness by black and silver decoration.
The latest technology ALH (Adaptive LED Headlight) headlamp is thin and wide, and it makes tough face.

The sculptural, three-dimensional character line extending front toward rear represents powerful frame as penetrating front to rear.
Tires are placed at each corner of body, which enhances the image of car to grasp a road and stand firm.
Floating roof and jet fin rear pillar make a cabin thin and smooth, and by contrast with robust and thick body, zippy driving is evoked in the side view.


Sophisticated Interior

Interior design developed by ‘HORIZONTAL AXIS’ concept. Floating horizontal Instrument Panel is extending thoroughly and enhances roominess with securing a satisfactory field of front view. Interior, which has an accent color in black and blown coordination, gives a high-quality and active impression and produces a comfortable space by simple design with less visual noise.