E C R I P S E   C R O S S

D A R I N G   G R A C E


A new sports SUV is elegant and bold,
with a powerful and dynamic form that makes it more suitable for the city.


A more powerful and elegant exterior that is both progressive and functional

The exterior is sleek and flowing, even while balancing the strong PHEV drivetrain and expanded cargo capacity. The dynamic design and enhanced functionality create an urban, sporty SUV that is daring yet mature, and elegant yet powerful.

Advanced Dynamic Shield, sharper and more sophisticated

The front center of gravity is raised to give a striking, SUV-like face. Sharpened Daytime running lights and turn signals are placed higher for improved visibility. Headlamps are positioned vertically on the side of the bumpers to create a sporty image, and at the same time, the lights prevent glare for oncoming vehicles and pedestrians, while improved light distribution function brings easier road surface recognition at night.

Compelling SUV power dressed with flowing elegance captivated at the rear

The signature T-shape rear lamps reinforce the angle of the rear window to affirm the horizontality and foundational feel of the vehicle, creating a sense of stability and fluidity, resulting in an iconic rear design for the ECLIPSE CROSS.
The thick body panel embodies strength and width of the vehicle’s mass, together with the sculpted hexagon motif, demonstrating the high stability and driving performance of a sporty SUV.


Upscale and refined interior

New light gray seats enrich the color lineup. The center panel and side vents are decorated in black to enhance the high black-silver contrast, creating an upscale, sophisticated and sporty feel. The center display is inched up and the user interface is upgraded to improve visibility and functionality.