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New addition to PAJERO series

June 15, 1998

messageMitsubishi Motors Corporation announces the launch of the all-new PAJERO iO*1 sport utility model. Powered by a 1.8-liter version of Mitsubishi's revolutionary GDI Global Standard engine family, the just-the-right-size PAJERO iO features the go-anywhere off-road capability, and the comfortable and civilized on-road performance of the PAJERO. The new PAJERO iO goes on sale today Monday 15 June, at Mitsubishi Galant and Car Plaza dealerships throughout Japan.

The PAJERO iO is the first model the company has introduced since it announced the new "Innovation in Motion" corporate slogan in May. The slogan epitomizes Mitsubishi's commitment to providing excellence in both product and service in each stage of the customer's car life.

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The PAJERO iO has been developed as a brand-new addition to the PAJERO series. The product concept gives PAJERO iO the dependability and the outstanding vehicular performance of the PAJERO. The new model is targeted at the customer who has his own well-developed set of values, who enjoys life; the customer who chooses his purchases in a logical and sound manner, giving priority to the genuine article.

PAJERO iO's main features are: (1) Compact, logical size dimensions that provide high maneuverability together with generous cabin space; (2) A soft-shape exterior design that stays attractive; (3) Mitsubishi's high-efficiency, low-consumption and environment-friendly GDI engine; (4) A new GDI-ECO indicator that tells the driver when the vehicle is being driven in an economical manner; (5) Mitsubishi's new SS4-i four-wheel drive system; (6) Mitsubishi's RISE enhanced safety body construction; (7) SRS airbags for driver and front passenger as standard with SRS side airbags available. Sporting this comprehensive mechanical and equipment specification, PAJERO iO is a vehicle that generates real pride of ownership; that the owner can regard virtually as a member of the family.

*1 iO : Italian for I, me. Generates an image of being easy to get to know, easy to drive, and of being one's very own PAJERO.



Principal Product Features

  1. Just-the-right-size packaging

    • The new PAJERO iO packs generous cabin space and a comfortable living area within a compact body that measures 3,675 mm long, 1,680 mm wide and 1,700 mm high.
    • With an approach angle of 34 degrees, departure angle of 47 degrees and ground clearance of 205mm, the PAJERO iO offers the same level of serious off-road performance as its big brother PAJERO. The high eye-point design gives the driver outstanding visibility, as well as making the cabin feel airier and more open.
    • The compact body dimensions contribute to outstanding maneuverability, with a minimum turning radius of just 4.9 m.

  2. Likable exterior design

    • Molded from simple lines and surfaces in a squat, road-hugging profile, PAJERO iO's body shape works with its compact dimensions to realize a reassuringly stable-looking exterior design that is clearly stamped with the PAJERO identity.
    • The upper body features a roll-bar cabin design that enhances the stable and solid appearance.
    • In the side view, blister fenders wrap round the 16-inch tires to project a brawniness that gives nothing away to its big brother PAJERO, and together with the distinctive character line generate a dynamic silhouette.
    • Accenting PAJERO iO's sporty nature, the color-keyed front grille and headlamps use no-cut lenses.
    • Eliminating the window frame and fitting the spare tire carrier as low as possible realizes a generous glass area in the backdoor window, giving PAJERO iO a cosmopolitan flavor as well as excellent rearward visibility.

  3. Functionally aesthetic interior

    • The instrument panel features a classy full-cabin width design, and the instrumentation uses sporty and futuristic colored faces.
    • The non-integral center panel locates switches and controls in a functional layout within natural and easy reach of the driver for optimum identification and operability when the vehicle is moving.
    • Soft-shape door moldings and dark gray color coordination add to the classy appearance of the interior.

  4. 1.8-liter GDI eco-engine with GDI ECO indicator

    • All PAJERO iO models are powered by Mitsubishi's revolutionary 1.8-liter GDI environmental engine that is proving outstandingly popular for its low-emission levels, miserly consumption and high power characteristics in the GALANT, LEGNUM and RVR series. Generating maximum output of 130PS, and delivering 18.5 kg.m torque at a leisurely 3,500 rpm, this engine gives PAJERO iO impeccable manners around town while supplying all the power needed for expressway cruising or off-road work.
    • In the Japanese 10-15 urban motoring cycle, PAJERO iO returns class-topping fuel economy at 13.6 km/l.
    • PAJERO iO sports a new GDI ECO indicator in the instrument panel that lights up to tell the driver when the vehicle is being driven with optimum fuel economy.

  5. New 4WD system

    • PAJERO iO sports Mitsubishi's new advanced SS4-i viscous coupling-type four-wheel drive system that is a lighter, more compact version of the Super Select 4WD system used in PAJERO. A simple lever action enables the driver to choose between full-time 4WD and three other drive modes for optimum traction and performance on all types of surface.

  6. High safety levels

    • Mitsubishi's RISE body design provides outstanding crash safety in all directions: frontal, rear, side and offset. Rational and extremely strong, this body is the product of the latest CAE structural analysis design.
    • All PAJERO iO models come with SRS airbags for driver and front passenger, as well as Mitsubishi's advanced 4-sensor 3-channel anti-lock braking system as standard equipment. Side airbags are available.
    • Power window specification models are fitted as standard with Mitsubishi's own Autostop Power Window feature that automatically lowers and stops power-operated window glass if it detects an obstruction when being raised.
    • All models are fitted as standard with a Child Seat Retaining Seat Belt that securely locates a child seat in the rear seat.
    • Standard on all models are Compound Curvature Lens exterior mirrors that enhance safety when reversing or parking by giving the driver a substantially improved view of the vehicle's lower rear quarters.
    • Door courtesy lamps that provide approaching drivers with a warning when the doors are open, as well as making entry and egress easier at night, are standard specification on all models.

  7. Other outstanding features and equipment

    • All models employ MacPherson strut front, and 5-link coil spring rear, suspension arrangements. The wheels are fitted with 215 / 70R16 tires.
    • The driver's seat features step-less adjustment, enabling him to obtain the optimum driving position. In the rear, the split bench seat has reclining backs and both head restraints and seat backs can be folded down in a simple operation, realizing a substantial improvement in utility and convenience.
    • The ZR trim level features a hidden stowage box in the luggage compartment floor that provides convenient stowage space for small items.
    • The ZR trim level comes as standard with Mitsubishi's Multi-mode Keyless Entry system that enables the driver to operate door locks, power windows and the exterior mirrors using the remote control on the key ring.
    • Available on all models, a helical limited-slip differential on the rear axle gives improved and well-mannered traction on slippery surfaces.
    • Available on the ZR trim level is Mitsubishi's Multi-Center Display panel that features visual displays of navigation, audio and tachometer information.

PAJERO iO : Principal Specifications (Japan Spec.)

Model code

Mitsubishi GF-H66W








GDI 1800 16-valve DOHC

Drive system

Super Select 4WD-i (SS4-i)


4-speed automatic

Dimensions & weights

Overall length (mm)


Overall width (mm)


Overall height (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Track (mm):





Interior length (mm)


Interior width (mm)


Interior height (mm)


Min ground clearance (mm)


Vehicle weight (kg)





Kerb weight (kg)




Minimum turning radius (m)


Fuel consumption (km/l) (JIS)

10-15 mode


60km/h mode




4G93 (GDI)

No. of cylinders / valvetrain

In-line 4 / 16 valve DOHC

Bore x stroke (mm)

81.0 x 89.0

Displacement (cc)


Compression ratio

12 : 1

Max. output (PS/rpm) (JIS)

130 / 5460

Max. torque (kg-m/rpm) (JIS)

18.5 / 3500

Fuel delivery

Gasoline direct injection

Type of fuel

Unleaded premium gasoline

Fuel tank capacity (liters)




4-speed automatic












Transfer type

2-speed, 4-position

Transfer ratios





Final reduction gear


Running gear


Rack & pinion (power assisted)



MacPherson strut


5-link with coil springs



Ventilated disc


Leading- trailing drum


215 / 70R16

End of main body
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