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Luxury sedan and limousine models

20 December 1999, Tokyo

20 December 1999, Tokyo: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announces that it will launch the PROUDIA*1, a brand new luxury sedan for personal use, and the DIGNITY*2, the only full-feature limousine made in Japan, on 1 February 2000 at Galant dealerships throughout Japan.

The development brief for the PROUDIA was to create, "Japan's premier luxury 4-door sedan offering peerless levels of comfort and relaxation for all occupants." Principal features distinguishing the new sedan include: (1) A body of imposing stature that melds grandeur and elegance; (2) Interior space and comfort that provide exceptional levels of relaxation to all occupants; (3) Mitsubishi's 3.5-liter V6 and brand-new 4.5-liter V8 GDI eco-engines that return front-running economy while minimizing loads on the environment; (4) Outstanding levels of safety, including Mitsubishi's RISE advanced crash-performance body construction, and the Driver Support System cutting-edge active safety technology.

The limousine version, DIGNITY, meanwhile, features an extended rear compartment and has been developed to provide rear seat passengers the ultimate in comfort and entertainment appointments. Features include, (1) The most spacious and comfortable rear compartment of all cars made in Japan; (2) A comprehensive comfort specification that includes the Super Executive Seat System and other luxury appointments that exploit model's roominess to the full; (3) A brand new 4.5-liter V8 GDI eco-engine that delivers effortless performance and comfort. These and other features in the second-to-none specification make DIGNITY Japan's only full feature limousine for the captains of industry and other notables.

*1; Coined from the English "proud" and the Mitsubishi "diamond" logo as a fitting epithet for Mitsubishi Motors ultimate luxury car.
*2; Taken from the English to describe the peerless grandeur and majestic stateliness of the model


I. Principal product features

1. PROUDIA: luxury sedan for personal use

(1) Exterior

  • Measuring in at an imposing 5050mm long by 1870mm wide and 1475mm high, the body melds grandeur with elegance in lines that give unmistakable expression to the model's "luxury" and "majestic" qualities.
  • In the styling department, the substantive grille imparts an assertive strength in the front view; a squat and focussed stance with powerfully flowing belt line and gently flaring front fenders characterize the side view; and the distinctive rear combination lamp units accentuate the stately hind quarters to grace the rear view with a formal appearance.
  • Maneuverability also figures strongly in the design equation, which uses an engine compartment with minimized dimensions and truncated front corners.

(2) Interior

  • The interior is distinguished by cavernous occupant space that allows passengers to relax in roomy comfort, supported by the most comprehensive appointments specification to be found on any model made in Japan.
  • The ample head and shoulder room is complemented in the rear compartment by truly relaxing leg room and foot space thanks to the unobtrusive center tunnel that stems from the PROUDIA's front-wheel drive layout.
  • The fully appointed interior uses Jacquard moquette for seat upholstery and trim with wood-grain paneling throughout to generate an ambience of sumptuous luxury.
  • Two interior color schemes are offered: A beige two-tone that brings light and elegance; and a gray two-tone that lends a more formal and tranquil air to the interior.

(3) On the road


  • The top trim level PROUDIA C is powered by a 4.5-liter V8 unit, the latest and largest in the GDI family of eco-engines. This power unit generates maxima of 206-kW (280-PS) / 5000 rpm, and 412-Nm (42.0 k-gm) / 4000-rpm, and returns mileage of 8.2 km/liter in the Japanese 10 -15 urban cycle. The aluminum cylinder block ( a first for a Mitsubishi engine ) realizes a significant reduction in weight, while the compact overall body length resulting from the horizontally mounted engine and front-wheel drive layout contribute further to the GDI engine's inherently superior fuel efficiency. This engine conforms with the Japanese 2000 Emissions Regulations and also meets the J-TLEV*3 targets in the Low Emission Vehicle Emission Gas technical guidelines issued by the Japan Environment Agency.
  • Trim levels A and B are powered by the Mitsubishi's proven 3.5-liter V6 GDI eco-engine that generates maxima of 177-kW (240-PS) / 5500 rpm, and 343-Nm (35.0 k-gm) / 2500-rpm, and returns mileage of 9.0 km/liter in the Japanese 10 -15 urban cycle. This GDI engine realizes frugally low consumption for the 3.5-liter size category, and also generates gutsy low-end torque to deliver relaxed, easy-to-drive dynamic performance at the most common operating speeds. In addition to the Japanese 2000 Emissions and the J-TLEV conformity achieved by the 4.5-liter V8 unit, the 3.5-liter V6 also meets the New 2010 Fuel Economy Standards for Japan.
  • Transmissions

  • In all models engines are mated with Mitsubishi's INVECS-II*4 with Sport Mode 5-speed automatic transmission. This "smart" transmission incorporates Optimal Shift Control, which optimizes shift scheduling for uphill or downhill gradients, winding roads and other road conditions and situations, and Adaptive Shift Control, which tailors shift timing to the driving patterns of individual drivers. It also incorporates the Sport Mode clutch-less manual override that enables the enthusiast driver to use it like a manual shift.
  • Suspension

  • PROUDIA has independent suspension all-round, with the wheels supported by MacPherson struts at the front and by a multi-link arrangement at the rear, to realize the highest levels of handling stability and ride comfort.
  • Available on C models is Mitsubishi's Electronically Controlled Suspension that instantly regulates shock absorber damping rate and air spring characteristics to match changes in road surface and other conditions.
  • Wheels and tires

  • All models have 16-inch alloy road wheels fitted with 225 / 60R16 tires.

*3; Japan Transitional Low Emission Vehicle
*4; Intelligent & Innovative Vehicle Electronic Control System II

(4) Safety features

    RISE safety body

  • PROUDIA uses Mitsubishi's RISE (Realized Impact Safety Evolution) body that combines energy-absorbing front and rear sections with a strong and rigid occupant cell ( the frame joins of which are filled with high-rigidity filler foam reinforcement ) to provide omnidirectional crash protection. The RISE safety body provides world class occupant safety, meeting 55km/h requirements for front and side, 64 km/h requirements for offset-front, and 56 km/h requirements for rear end crashes.
  • Cutting-edge Driver Support System

  • Available on the C trim level is Mitsubishi's brand-new Driver Support System (DSS) active safety technology. DSS employs cameras and radar to monitor the state of traffic in the near vicinity of the vehicle and provides the driver with visual and audible warnings should it judge that operation of the vehicle be inappropriate and potentially dangerous. The system comprises Rear Quarter Monitoring, Preview Distance Control and Lane Departure Warning features.
  • The Rear Quarter Monitor system employs cameras mounted at the rear to monitor and detect vehicles approaching from the rear quarters. When the driver operates his turn signals, the system sets off an audible alarm and displays a warning message if it judges an approaching vehicle to have entered the danger zone.
  • Preview Distance Control is an advanced cruise control system that employs laser radar to measure inter-vehicle distance when cruise control is engaged, and regulates throttle and gear selection to maintain an appropriate distance from the vehicle in front. The system sounds an alarm and displays a warning message when it judges the driver is too close to the vehicle in front.
  • The Lane Departure Warning employs a camera fitted to the rearview mirror to monitor dividing lines on the road surface. When the system judges the vehicle is inappropriately departing its lane, it urges the driver to take corrective action by sounding an alarm, displaying a visible message and causing the steering wheel to vibrate.
  • Other safety features

  • A SRS airbag system provides driver and front passenger with supplemental protection in frontal and side crashes. And, for the first time, side airbags for rear passengers are standard on C, and available on A and B trim levels.
  • All models are fitted as standard with a front passenger Seatbelt Warning Lamp that flashes when the system sensor detects the presence of a front seat occupant who has not yet fastened his seatbelt.
  • The front passenger sensor also determines deployment of the front passenger SRS front and side airbags in the event of a crash.

(5) Comfort and convenience

    Entry and exit

  • Getting into and out of the new PROUDIA is a breeze. The top of the door opening is higher, the side sill lower, and the step between side sill and floor has been minimized.
  • Standard on all models is Mitsubishi's Easy Access feature that automatically slides the rear seats back when the door is opened for maximum accessibility.
  • Whisper quite

  • Electronic control of the engine rear mountings detects whether the vehicle is moving or idling and automatically varies the damping characteristics of the mountings accordingly to reduce engine vibration and noise levels.
  • In addition to more extensive spot welding, PROUDIA's "Quiet Body" construction extensively employs vibration control and sound proofing and absorbing materials throughout the body for a quieter ride and enhanced occupant comfort.
  • Detail improvements have realized significant reductions in wind, tire and other external noise.
  • Comfort appointments

  • All seats are power operated, enabling each occupant to adjust his own seat for optimum comfort at the touch of a switch. The power-operated split rear seats can be individually reclined by operating a switch in the center armrest.
  • For increased convenience, the rear doors employ an Active Power Lock system that automatically completes the closing process after the doors have been pulled to. The trunk lid also uses this system. (Standard on PROUDIA C, available on A and B)
  • The standard automatic climate control system regulates temperatures independently for left and right interior zones. Also available is Dual Climate Control that provides independent temperature regulation for four zones, front and rear, left and right.
  • The trunk easily holds four sets of golf clubs and Boston bags.
  • Other convenience and comfort appointments include the Mitsubishi Multi-Communications System (MMCS) that provides a visual display of navigation, environment, trip and other information on a 7-inch landscape monitor, and a luxury-level in-car entertainment system exclusive to PROUDIA. (Standard on PROUDIA B and C trim levels).

2. DIGNITY limousine model

(1) Exterior

  • DIGNITY boasts dimensions befitting a luxury limousine model, measuring 285 mm longer than the 4-door PROUDIA at 5335 mm, the same width at 1870 mm, and 10 mm taller at 1485 mm.
  • Wider than that used on PROUDIA, the front grille gives dignified expression to DIGNITY's majestic grandeur. The more substantial B-pillar gives DIGNITY a more stable appearance and accentuates the roominess of the cabin in the side view.

(2) Interior

  • The extended length is nearly all devoted to the rear compartment, providing passengers with an extra 250 mm of legroom and creating the roomiest living space in the class.

(3) On the road

  • DIGNITY is powered by Mitsubishi's new 4.5-liter V8 GDI engine. This engine conforms with the Japanese 2000 Emissions Regulations, meets the J-TLEV targets in the Low Emission Vehicle Emission Gas technical guidelines issued by the Environment Agency and also meets the New 2010 Fuel Economy Standards for Japan.

(4) Comfort and convenience

  • Mitsubishi's Super Executive Seat System not only offers supreme levels of comfort but also actively soothes away fatigue. The power-operated front passenger backrest folds forward and, together with the power-operated reclining rear seat with leg support, gives the nearside rear passenger roomy comfort on a par with a first class airline seat. The rear seats are also equipped with a body massage vibrator, heating and Easy Access System features.
  • Other comfort and convenience appointments for rear passengers include a massive and luxurious central armrest, fold-away wooden table, decorative lighting, magazine rack, and tower-type floor console.
  • The standard Dual Climate Control system with overhead vents provides independent temperature regulation for four interior zones, assuring maximum comfort for all occupants.

II. Sales information

1. Monthly sales target: 300 units (PROUDIA and DIGNITY combined total)
2. Available at: Galant dealerships throughout Japan

III. Manufacturer's recommended prices


Trim level


Price (Yen)



3.5-liter V6 GDI



3.5-liter V6 GDI



4.5-liter V8 GDI



4.5-liter V8 GDI


Note: 1.

Because they meet the New 2010 Fuel Economy Standards, PROUDIA A and B trim levels and the DIGNITY qualify for a 15,000 reduction in vehicle acquisition tax


All models qualify for the 1% reduction in acquisition tax introduced in April 1999 for low emission vehicles.


The customer may choose in cases where both tax reductions apply.

PROUDIA & DIGNITY specifications


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