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Motor Show

"New" Mitsubishi Motors Introduces Exciting Car Concepts At 35th Tokyo Motor Show

Date: October 17, 2001

At the 35th Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi Motors will be introducing a series of exciting concepts that support our New History corporate and product advertising campaign in Japan. These new designs will send a strong and confident message to our customers about the attractive and ap-pealing products the company will be bringing to market.

The New History campaign title expresses Mitsubishi Motors's determination to forge a new chapter in the company's history by adopting a fresh approach to developing and building auto-mobiles. Key objectives in this drive include:

  • Pursuing a new approach to car making
  • Delivering superior, reliable quality
  • Transforming ourselves into a company that anticipates customer needs with exciting products

MMC will be showing a total of 21 vehicles in a layout centered around three time zones: Today, Tomorrow and Future. The layout is designed to provide visitors with an appetizing peek at the company's Heart-Beat approach to car development and building as well as some of its pro-duction and concept models.

On display will be four concept cars that signpost the new MMC Design identity, two rally machines in total 21 vehicles.

( * Press & Media Briefing to be held 11:30 - 11:55, 24 October at the Mitsubishi Motors stand )


CZ3 Tarmac


Space Liner

Mitsubishi Motors exhibits at 35th Tokyo Motor show
Concept cars
CZ3 Tarmac
Space Liner
Rally machines
PAJERO 2001 Paris-Dakar winner
Models for the mobility-challenged
LANCER CEDIA Self-transporter
DION Swivel & Slide Seat
TOPPO BJ Transporter
Current production models
eK WAGON X-Package
AIRTREK Active Gear (show model)
DION Color Package II
LANCER CEDIA 1.5 Touring
PAJERO Long Super Exceed 3.5 GDI
PAJERO iO TR Sporty Package
PAJERO Mini Lynx-V

Concept cars

The four concept cars on display have been designed under the direction of Olivier Boulay, the new head of MMC design. The Tomorrow stand features the CZ2 and CZ3 Tarmac new-generation compacts, and the Future stand visitors will find the S.U.P and Space Liner.

CZ2 - Stylish Urban Compact

This is a proposal for a street-chic but comfortably laid-back new-generation compact. Its exterior design will turn head on the street and set its passengers' adrenaline flowing. Distinguishing fea-tures include:

  • A chic design with a striking single-motion silhouette and wave-form dashboard.
  • A roomy interior space, deriving from the long wheelbase, that is loaded with comfort and convenience enhancing appointments including a bench-type front seat, detachable door trim pouches, and a switchable light control glass roof.
  • A comprehensive advanced safety specification that includes fiber-optic head and tail lamps.
  • Strain-free performance and very low fuel consumption from the 1.3-liter DOHC variable valve timing engine and continuously variable transmission powertrain.
  • Superior styling and build quality for enhanced everyday motoring pleasure.
Overall length, 3830 mm; Overall width, 1695 mm; Overall height, 1475 mm; Wheelbase, 2500 mm; Occupants, 4; Engine, 1.3-liter inline-4; Transmission, CVT.

CZ3 TARMAC - Sports Feeling Compact

This proposal for a classy and sophisticated 4-door city car also offers plenty for the motoring enthusiast with road performance and cockpit design exuding the spirit of Mitsubishi Motors' WRC winning rally machines. Features include:

  • A 1.5-liter GDI intercooler turbocharger engine that delivers high response and returns outstanding mileage.
  • The same Mitsubishi Motors' all-wheel drive with Active Center Differential + Active Yaw Control drivetrain as the Lancer Evolution VII (ACD; AYC).
  • A driver-friendly, sporty character that comfortably unites man and his machine with han-dling characteristics that match driver operation and mood.
  • Appealing, dynamic lines and contours. The cockpit hugs the driver in a hi-tech and func-tional embrace, with shift selector and 3-dial gauges that use the sequential shifter and instrumentation on the Lancer Evolution WR Car for the design motif. full specification of functional and fun appointments, including Multi-monitor center console that groups to-gether DVD player, navigation and other infotainment systems to keep fun-loving urban dwellers happy and content.
Overall length, 3850 mm; Overall width, 1750m; Overall height, 1420mm; Wheelbase, 2500 mm; Occupants, 4; Engine, 1.5-liter inline-4 GDI intercooler/turbocharger; Transmission, CVT

S.U.P. - New Active Gear

Happy using hi-tech gadgets and gizmos Monday to Friday; then out for a bunch of fun communing with nature at weekends and holidays. Sports Utility Pack is designed for nature lovers who are equally happy with the latest in technology. Features include:

  • A design that gives graphic expression to fun-loving lifestyles. The tube line wrapping round the futuristic pop-art design body also houses front and rear lamp units, the full-length lamella roof panel, and semi-transparent door panels are just a few of the imaginative and original elements in this futuristic design.
  • An earth- and resource-friendly hybrid 4WD drivetrain gives gutsy all-surface performance, with great driveability. Mitsubishi's soft HEV (GDI-ISA) drivetrain powers the front wheels through an automated manual transmission and each rear wheel is driven by its own motor.
Overall length, 4160 mm; Overall width, 1850m; Overall height, 1630mm; Wheelbase, 2620 mm; Occupants, 4; Engine, inline-4 GDI-ISA; Transmission, automated manual transmission

SPACE LINER - Next-generation Relaxation Vehicle

This concept car takes a fresh and innovative look at the real significance of interior space. Space Liner is a proposal for a "feel-good interior space" - one born from Japanese perceptions in realizing a comfortable marriage between the private seclusion of the interior and the world outside the car.

  • Delineating the car's potent low-and-wide stance, the futuristic mono-form body and long wheelbase give accent to the sporty & elegant aesthetics of MMC Design.
  • An innovative seating layout provides generous room for four adults to relax in comfort as well as providing comfort-enhancing room outside the elbows. Indirect lighting and trans-lucent sunshades contribute to a uniquely relaxing space - one that calls on Japanese tastes in use of space and use of soft natural lighting.
  • Space Liner reduces occupant stress levels further with center-opening doors, power-driven swiveling front seats that facilitate entry and egress, and a sofa-type rear seat designed for comfort.
  • Keeping stress levels low when on the move, Space Liner sports an advanced ITS-ASV specification that includes Lane Trace Assist and other technologies designed to support the driver in his operation of the vehicle.
  • Drive-by-wire technology places accelerator and brake controls at the driver's fingertips on the steering unit and allows the steering unit to be transferred from one side of the vehicle to the other in a simple operation.
  • An advanced and ultra-clean fuel cell system supplies motive power, using front and rear traction motors to drive all four wheels.
Overall length, 4900 mm; Overall width, 1880m; Overall height, 1530mm; Wheelbase, 2950 mm; Occupants, 4

Motor Sports Vehicles


The Lancer Evolution VII WR Car made its debut in the San Remo in October 2001. Modifications to the Group A machine made under World Rally Car regulations include a change in engine position, giving better weight distribution, and the use of larger wheel arches, giving a longer suspension stroke. These changes make the machine significantly more competitive than its predecessor.

The Lancer Evolution WR Car will enable Mitsubishi Motors to develop new cutting-edge technology, not possible under Group A regulations, which can be fed back into production models.

PAJERO - 2001 Paris-Dakar winning machine

The Paris-Dakar is one of the world's most grueling endurance rallies. The Mitsubishi Pajero has forged a sparkling track record since its debut in the event in 1983. In 1997, Mitsubishi became the first manufacturer to make a clean sweep of the first four overall places, with Kenjiro Shinozuka becoming the first Japanese winner as he drove his T2 Pajero (modified cross-country production cars) to overall line honors. In the 2001 Paris-Dakar, Jutta Kleinschmidt of Germany, driving a Pajero/Montero, became the first female driver to take overall line honors in the history of the event.

HeartyRun Series for Mobility-Challenged

Mitsubishi Motors has boosted its lineup of cars designed for the elderly, for wheelchair users, for disabled drivers and for other mobility-challenged persons. Three models are shown at the 35th Tokyo Motor Show.

LANCER CEDIA WAGON self-transporter

The swiveling driver's seat, sliding offside rear door and automated loader in this model assist wheelchair users who want or need to drive to extend the horizons of their motoring pleasure.

DION with swivel-slide passenger seat

The front passenger seat swivels and slides outward to facilitate entry and egress. If necessary, the seat can be raised or lowered from its extended position to further facilitate access and to reduce the effort required on the part of an accompanying helper.

TOPPO BJ wheelchair transporter

Kneeling rear suspension and a folding ramp facilitate entry and egress for wheelchair users and alleviate the physical effort required by accompanying helpers. Floor height is lowered for entering or leaving the vehicle, and then returned to normal when the tailgate door is closed.

Current Production Models

Mitsubishi Motors will display 12 current production models, centering around the new eK Wagon and Airtrek model series launched in 2001.


This "Just Right Value Mini-Wagon" debuted in October this year. With an overall height of 1550 mm, its "semi-tall" packaging provides optimum eye height and visibility, facilitates entry and egress and enables access to the tower parking common in Japan. eK Wagon offers class-topping crashworthiness together with fun-to-drive handling, performance and maneuverability. Interior features include a new-look center instrument panel and generous small-item stowage space.


A next-generation cross-over RV with SUV off-road capability, minivan utility and convenience and station wagon sporty performance, the "Smart All-rounder" Airtrek made its Japanese debut in June 2001. The class-topping roomy interior space is light and airy and offers outstanding entry and egress. It offers driver- and occupant-friendly performance across the full motoring spectrum with an overall height that allows access to Japanese tower parking, while a full-time 4WD drivetrain and high ground clearance that assure go-anywhere capability over all surfaces.

AIRTREK Active Gear dress-up model

Accenting Airtrek's youthful and active character, this show model sports a European styling treatment, with 17-inch tires, bumper extension and other decorative trim outside, and steering wheel, shift knob, seat upholstery and other trim coordinated by MOMO inside.

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