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MMC recruits Olivier Boulay from DaimlerChrysler

Date: April 25, 2001

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announces the appointment of Mr Olivier Boulay as the head of its Design office.

Currently employed by DaimlerChrysler in a senior design capacity, Mr Boulay's appointment will bolster the capabilities of MMC's design division. This is in line with the new management structure that provides the key to the success of the company's Turnaround Plan.

In the new organization, the Car Design Division comes under the direct control of the Chief Operating Officer so as to promote the development of innovative products. Also under the new management structure, the merging of car development and marketing strategy units reflects the new priority the company places on customer needs and preferences as it shifts away from more engineering-oriented development.

Mr Boulay's appointment is to be accompanied by a wide-sweeping review of the company's global design organization, and will see the development of a new MMC design identity in future models.

(Profile of Mr Olivier Boulay)

Born: August 9, 1957
Nationality: French
June 1981, Graduation from. ESAG (Ecole Supérieure d'Arts Graphiques et d' Architecture)
July 1982, Master Degree Course, RCA (Royal College of Art)
1982-1987 and 1989-1992
- Designer at several automotive companies in France, Italy, Germany and Japan.
Manager Design of Daimler Benz AG in Sindelfingen
- Development of the exterior design of S-class and the C class
General Manager of Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Center of Japan
- Creation, design and development of the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Center
- Creation of new models to stimulate the main production design and strategy in Stuttgart
- Introduction of the F200 Imagination show car presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1996
- Creation, development and realization oh the Mercedes-Benz Maybach presented at Tokyo Motor Show in 1997.
General Manager of DaimlerChrysler Advanced Design Germany
- Set up the "Maybach" concept for production
- Creation of new concepts for Advanced Design and Production Departments.

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