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Engine Production JV In Shenyang, China

September 3,1997

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announces that, following the acquisition of Chinese government approvals, it has, with four partners, established a joint venture enterprise for the development, manufacture and sales of automobile engines and transmissions in Shenyang, China. The com-pany's partners in the Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi Motors Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are the China Aerospace Automotive Industry Group Corporation., the Shenyang Construction Invest-ment Corporation, the Malaysian State China Investment Agency, and Mitsubishi Corporation.

Mitsubishi Motors had been engaged in discussions about the promotion of an automotive engine joint venture enterprise with the other partners for some time. These discussions produced general agreement among the parties in August 1996 and on August 26 a joint venture agreement was signed in Beijing in the presence of Chinese premiere Li Peng, vice premier Qian Qichen and Malaysian prime minister Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad. An application for approval of the establish-ment of the joint venture was then submitted to the Chinese authorities. On August 8 1997, the Chinese government granted its approval and the joint venture was established on August 12.

The joint venture is intended to accelerate the Chinese state policy of transferring resources from the munitions industry to the private sector and to foster the development and growth of China's automotive parts industry through cooperation by corporations from the three countries of Japan, China and Malaysia.

After completion of site establishment work, erection of factory buildings, installation of machinery and equipment, and test production runs, the new joint venture will start manufacturing 2000cc and 2400cc gasoline automobile engines as well as transmissions for rear-drive and front-drive vehicles. The joint venture will produce 150,000 units both of engines and transmissions.

Joint Venture Profile

  • Name: Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi Motors Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Headquarters: Shenyang, Liaoning province
  • Capital: Yuan 730 million (approx. 8.86 billion Yen)
  • Established: August 12, 1997
  • Chairman: Li Guozhong
  • Vice Chairman: Rin Kei Mei
  • General Manager: Masatoshi Tomita (from MMC)
  • Share holdings:

China Aerospace Automotive Industry Group Co.:
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation:
Shenyang Construction Investment Co.:
MCIC Holdings Sdn. Bhd.:
Mitsubishi Corporation:


  • Production lines: 2000cc and 2400cc gasoline automobile engines and transmissions for rear- and front-drive vehicles
  • Production capacity:150,000 units both of engines and transmissions a year

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