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Mitsubishi Motors GDI Engine Wins 1996 JSME Medal for New Technology

April 10,1997

The Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engine developed by Mitsubishi Motors has won the 1996 JSME (The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers) Medal for New Technology. The presentation was made on April 1 at JSME's 74th Annual Conference held at Aoyama University in Tokyo.

JSME annually presents several medals and awards with the object of promoting the advance of mechanical engineering and the growth of the engineering industry. The JSME Medal for Outstanding Paper and the JSME Medal for New Technology are awarded to individual members who have submitted a particularly outstanding research paper or technology; the JSME Medal for Distinguished Engineers is awarded to an individual member with a particularly distinguished career as an engineer, and the JSME Young Engineers Award goes to a young engineer for an outstanding research paper or technology.

The JSME Medal for New Technology awarded to the GDI engine this year pays tribute to a new mechanical engineering technology that will be brought to completion within a few years, and that makes a major economic and socially-beneficial contribution by enabling the development of a new and unique product or system, or by improving the quality and performance of a product, or by increasing productivity.

The GDI engine is a next-generation power plant which, by injecting gasoline directly into the cylinders, returns very low fuel consumption, delivers high power outputs and also cuts CO2 emissions. Since its announcement, the GDI engine has been highly acclaimed both in Japan and overseas and has received several prestigious awards.

Aided by the high acclaim accorded the trailblazing unit, the new GDI-powered Mitsubishi GALANT/LEGNUM series has sold strongly since its launch in August 1996, recording sales of over 60,000 vehicles by the end of March, 1997.

In the presentation of the 1996 JSME Medal for New Technology to Mitsubishi Motors Corporation for the Development of The GDI Engine, the following engineers at the company's Office of Passenger Car Development & Engineering were cited

Hiromitsu Ando

Deputy general manager

Engine Research Dept.

Yasuhiko Iwamoto


-- ditto --

Kazutoshi Noma


Engine Designing Dept.

Takaki Yamauchi


Performance Testing Dept.

Osamu Yamanaka


Engine Testing Dept.

Other JSME award-winning Mitsubishi Motors' technologies


MCA-JET engine


Active electronically-controlled suspension (ECS)


Hydraulic coupling unit for full-time 4WD vehicles

Fuel injection pump with pre-stroke control


INVECS active safety system incorporating fuzzy technology

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