Drive your Ambition

Brand Message

Every adventurer needs a trusted partner.
Someone to give you courage and
Someone to take you to exciting new places.

Someone to help you overcome obstacles.
With them, wherever you go, nothing will
get in your way.
They’ll accelerate your dreams and push
you even further.

Our cars are for everyone with an adventurous spirit.
Some get off track and seek spectacular scenery.
Others want to step out of their everyday to find something new.
We support every kind of adventure no matter the road you take.

Drive your Ambition

We’ll awaken your spirit of adventure.
And help you take the next step whatever the direction.

That’s why we make cars.
Cars that return safely from any challenge, condition or terrain.
Cars that can handle any road or any weather.
Cars so advanced in comfort, they elevate your mood.
Cars that protect our planet and our future with less impact on the environment.

Where shall we go with this car?
Let’s head into the dawn together on a brand-new adventure.

Now is the time to take a new step forward.


  • For everyone with an adventurous spirit

  • All for the sake of Safety, Security, and Comfort

  • Together we will drive for a better tomorrow 2024

  • Road Test For All Conditions

Concept Car



Designed to hint at the DELICA of the future, the MITSUBISHI D:X Concept is an electrified crossover MPV concept car that embodies MITSUBISHI MOTORS-ness and inspires a sense of adventure. Based on the concept of Borderless Adventure, it features a vastly spacious cabin with a sense of openness, and offers the cruising range and driving performance to handle all kinds of adventures.