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Tokyo, April 19, 2011
Mitsubishi Motors' Post-Earthquake Production Forecast
We would like to express our deepest condolences and sympathies to all those who have suffered and are suffering as a result of this extremely tragic earthquake and its aftermath. It is our sincere hope all those affected will be able to recover soon from this difficult situation. 
  • Production Forecast for April
  • MMC has been producing irregularly with repeated starts and stops of production at its Japanese plants since the occurrence of the disaster. However, with the parts procurement situation expected to improve, MMC has resumed continuous production from April 18. Therefore MMC forecasts a production volume for April 18 to the end of the April to be about 90% of its original planned volume, and forecasts a production volume for the entire month to reach about 60% of its original planned volume.
  • Post-April Production
  • While ascertaining the status of parts procurement, MMC will decide on its domestic production plans for the time after a string of national holidays that start at the end of April and take up the first week of May.
  • Production Outside of Japan
  • Meanwhile, although some of MMC's models produced abroad are and have been limited by parts procurement, the effect on MMC's production abroad is negligible and MMC forecasts normal and continuous operation for its plants outside of Japan.

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