The main team sponsor, Mitsubishi Oil, is one of the leading Japanese petroleum companies standing at the core of Japan's energy business. Through participation in motor sport activities, the company seeks to further improve it's reliable and high-quality products.
Name Mitsubishi Oil Company, Ltd
Address 1-6-41 Shinagawa Crystal Square
Kohnan, Minato-ku
Tel : 81-3-3472-7577 (Public Relations Dept.)
Established 11th February 1931
President : Yoshihiko Izumitani
Net Sales Y 806 billion (as of November 1995)
No. of Employees approximately 2,480
No. of Locations15 domestic sales branches, 4 refineries (crude oil processing capacity : 475,000 barrels per stream day), 2 research headquarters, 5 overseas offices located in London, New York, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Vung Tau (Vietnam)
Business Activities :Importation and sales of petroleum and petrochemical products, and petroleum-subsitute energy related business. Products sold include : Motor gasolines, Aviation turbine fuels, Kerosene, Gas Oils, Fuel Oils, Lubricants, Asphalts, Coal and Petroleum Coke, Liquified Petroleum Gases (LPG), Petrochemicals
Company Outline : Petroleum with its high ratio of overseas dependency forms the core of energy in Japan. In order to ensure the stable supply of its petroleum, the company is working to strengthen its activities in all fields involved in petroleum importation and sales. Its pioneering technologies are now being applied to the production of para-xylene, a base material for polyester, much in demand, especially in Southeast Asia. Mitsubishi Oil expects demand for its products to sharply increase in the next five years. In June of 1994 its oil exploration project resulted in the big oil discovery at the 1st wildcat drilling off the coast of Vietnam.
Motorsports Activities : Mitsubishi Oil has been developing its oil business as a technical sponsor of the Mitsubishi Team with the Galant and Lancer in the World Rally Championship and with the Pajero in the Paris-Dakar.
Mitsubishi Oil Team major results in Dakar :
- 1990 Paris-Dakar 1st T2 Masuoka - Pajero T2
- 1993 Paris-Dakar 1st overall Saby - Pajero T3
- 1994 Paris-Dakar-Paris 1st T2 Masuoka - Pajero T2
- 1995 Granada-Dakar 3rd overall Shinozuka - Pajero T3
" " " " 2nd T2 Masuoka - Pajero T2

PIAA Corporation

PIAA is continuing to develop outstanding products, not only in Japan but around the world. Through the ever-popular medium of sports, PIAA has strived to build it's image with it's innovative automotive products. Motorsports has been PIAA's image-builder with it's collaboration of sports events such as World Rally Championship, in which PIAA's "Professional Lamp System" was truly put to the test and perfected. PIAA's contribution to sports does not stop there; it is the leading company in it's promotion of wind-surfing and skiling. PIAA's popular "Professional System Carrier" is a must for serious-minded wind-surfers and skiers.
PIAA as also set foot into the world of fashion with it's introduction of the "PIAA Sportswear" line. PIAA has taken bold steps in it's effort to gain international exposure. Several fashion boutiques have already opened to showcase it's designs. PIAA has taken pride it's introduction of TERZO and SPAC brands, which strives to develop and manufacture first-class products worldwide. With this in mind, the PIAA brand has taken it's name internationally with the sponsership of shows and events. The PIAA's hope that the TERZO brand name, already well established in the world of windsurfing will widen to other areas of marine sports.
Head OfficeJBP OVAL Bldg 5-52-2 Jingumae
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel : 81-3-3797-9311
PresidentTeruaki Yamamoto
Branch Offices Hokkaido, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Takasaki
Overseas OfficesPIAA Corporation, USA
TREZO of America, Inc.
Divisions PIAA Products Division
Sales Division
Overseas Development Division
Manufacturing Division
Design Center
Sport Wheel Division
Special Accounts Division
SPAC Brand Porducts Division
TERZO Brand Products Division

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