Team & Driver

Nationality: Japanese - Date of birth: March 13th, 1960
2003 Baja Italy 1st overall 1994 Dakar Rally 4th overall
Dakar Rally 1st overall 1992 Paris-Le Cap 20th overall
2002 Rally of Morocco 2nd overall 1990 Dakar Rally 10th overall (1st T2)
Dakar Rally 1st overall 1987 Dakar Rally 29th overall
2001 Dakar Rally 2nd overall  
2000 Dakar Rally 6th overall
1999 Granada-Dakar Rally 6th overall
1998 Paris-Granada-Dakar Rally 4th overall
1997 Dakar Rally 4th overall
1996 Granada-Dakar Rally 6th overall
1995 Dakar Rally 10th overall

Nationality: French - Date of birth: August 6th, 1965
Cars Bikes
2003 Dakar Rally 3rd overall 1998 Dakar Rally 1st overall
Baja Italy 2nd overall 1997 Dakar Rally 1st overall
UAE Desert Challenge 1st overall UAE Desert Challenge 4th overall
2002 Rally of Tunisia 1st overall 1996 UAE Desert Challenge 1st overall
UAE Desert Challenge 1st overall 1995 Dakar Rally 1st overall
2001 Dakar Rally 1st T1 1993 Dakar Rally 1st overall
2000 Dakar Rally 2nd overall 1992 Paris-Le Cap 1st overall
1999 Dakar Rally 7th overall 1991 Dakar Rally 1st overall
1998 24 hours of Chamonix 1st overall  

Nationality: Italian - Date of birth: January 7th, 1958
Cross Country Rallies World Rally Championship
2003 Dakar Rally 15th overall 1993 1st Acropolis Rally
Rally of Tunisia 2nd overall 1990 1st Portugal and Argentina
2002 UAE Desert Challenge 3rd overall 1989 1st Monte-Carlo, Portugal, Safari, Acropolis
and Sanremo - FIA World Rally Champion
2000 UAE Desert Challenge 4th overall
Various rallies in cars and T4 trucks 1988 1st Portugal, Safari, Acropolis, Olympus
and Sanremo - FIA World Rally Champion
  1987 1st Monte-Carlo, Argentina and Sanremo
1986 1st Argentina
1983 FIA European Rally Champion
Italian Rally Champion
1980 First WRC participation in Sanremo

Nationality: German - Date of birth: January 2nd, 1968
Cars Bikes
2003 Dakar Rally in a Mitsubishi
2002 Dakar Rally 23rd overall
2000 Member of the BMW official team
Rally of Tunisia 5th overall 1999 1st Ladies’ Cup Dakar (32nd overall),
Tunisia and Egypt Rallies
Rally of Morocco 16th overall
Baja Germany 2nd overall 1998 1st Ladies’ Cup UAE Desert Challenge
UAE Desert Challenge 5th overall 1997 1st Ladies’ Cup Tunisia and
UAE Desert Challenge
1996 1st Ladies’ Cup Dakar, Atlas and Tunisia
1995 1st Ladies’ Cup Atlas Rally
1994 1st Ladies’ Cup Atlas Rally
1989 Debut of her career on two wheels