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MMV donates scholarships to high school students and university students who have financial difficulties in attending school[Vietnam]

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三菱自動車工業株式会社 総務渉外部 地域・社会貢献推進室 木下

2020年10月、ベトナムの現地生産・販売会社であるミツビシ・モーターズ・ベトナム・カンパニー・リミテッド(MMV)はベトナム クアビン県の経済的に学校へ通うことが困難な高校生・大学生へ2020年の奨学金寄付を開始しました※。






In October 2020, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam Co., Ltd. (MMV), which is the Mitsubishi Motors' production, sales and export hub in Vietnam, donated scholarships as the 2020 scholarship donation to high school students and university students in Quang Binh Province, Vietnam who have financial difficulties in attending school*.

MMV has been donating scholarships on a regular basis since 2018 in order to encourage and motivate the students' efforts to overcome difficulties so that they can continue their learning without giving up on financial grounds.

This meaningful gift not only helps children in overcoming their difficult circumstances, but also helps to spread compassion and the spirit of sharing "mutual love" in the community and among students.

MMV will continue to support children by donating scholarships.

* In Vietnam, September is the season for entrance into a school.