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Social Contribution Activities Report

MMC Organizes Traffic Safety Class "Driving School" for Elderly

On April 9, 2022, MMC organized traffic safety class "Driving School" with an aim to reduce traffic accidents caused by driving errors of the elderly in collaboration with Mizushima Police Station during the Spring Traffic safety Campaign Period. About 40 elderly residents of the town attended the class.

On that day, MMC organized "diagnosis of driving ability", which will measure the ability of paying and distributing attention required for driving, gave explanation about importance of wearing luminous reflector. Also, experimental ride on a safety support car was organized to experience Emergency Assist for Pedal Misapplication (EAPM).

Moreover, as an opportunity to interact with the members of the community, KURUMAZA theater group, an organization constituted by the current and former employees of the Mizushima Plant, performed a program which inspires the traffic safety. In the program called "Mito Komon", the general manager of Mizushima Plant himself played the part of the main character Mito Komon and the employees performed together their roles enthusiastically. MMC intends to continue to conduct social contribution activity rooted in the community.


■Comment from Mizushima Plant General Manager

We decided to organize "Driving School" in collaboration with Mizushima Police Station, because we wanted to contribute to traffic safety of Kurashiki City. As you can see from the fact that the former general manager of Mizushima Plant was among the players of KURUMAZA theater group, at the Plant, the executives and employees are conducting the social contribution activity together. We intend to continue to conduct not only automobile production but also activities that will contribute to make the community safer and more secure.


■Comment from Participants

  • It was a good lesson for us to go through various experiences. We hope to disseminate traffic safety knacks by communicating the lessons and experiences we had today to our friends and acquaintances who did not participated in the school today.
  • The performance of KURUMAZA theater group was fun. It was my first experience to ride on a safety support car. I thought it was so good that I wanted to buy one for me.