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Social Contribution Activities Report

MMC Organizes Traffic Safety Class "Driving School"

On November 29, 2021, MMC organized traffic safety class "Driving School" with an aim to reduce traffic accidents caused by driving errors of the elderly at the township office of Yakage Town, Okayama Prefecture. Twelve residents of the town attended the class. On that day, the lecturers of Japan Traffic Safety Education Association gave from Tokyo online lectures on "diagnosis of driving ability", which will measure the ability of paying and distributing attention required for driving and "danger prediction during driving". Also, experimental ride on a safety support car was also organized to experience Emergency Assist for Pedal Misapplication (EAPM) in the parking lot of the township office.


■Comment from Lecture Participants

While I got advice from people around me that I should give up my driving license, but I cannot possibly survive without a car. This class taught me to what and how elderly people like us should pay attention while driving. Also, it was a good chance to experience a safety support car for the first time, although I have had heard about and seen it on TV etc.