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Social Contribution Activities Report

MMV dealers conducts ongoing social contribution activities on their business area [Vietnam]

In October 2020, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam Co., Ltd. (MMV), which is the Mitsubishi Motors' production, sales and export hub in Vietnam, launched ongoing social contribution activities with its dealers across Vietnam. Within six months , MMV dealers planned their own planned social contribution activities and executed around their business area. The activities included donating TET (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) celebration gifts to impoverished families, students, orphans and those in need of assistance, bicycles for students to commute to school, food expenses support for orphans, and aiding disaster-stricken areas (hit by record-breaking torrential rain in October 2020).

MMV will continue the social contribution activities together with its dealers for Vietnam’s better sustainability.


■ Comment from the employee who planned the activities

Under Vietnamese's spirit "Mutual friendship", MMV dealers operating in nationwide have donated the necessities for the poor households and disaster victims in order to help them stabilizing living conditions. We will continue to provide support for ensuring a stable life and to encourage the growth of students who will bear Vietnam’s future.