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Social Contribution Activities Report

Installed Hand Washing Station Units in Public Spaces and Donated Face Masks/Food Packages for People in Jakarta [Indonesia]


In September 2020, as an action against the spread of COVID-19 infections, PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI), our sales company in Indonesia, installed a portable hand washing station unit and hand washing liquid in 10 public spaces, including hospitals, markets and parks, throughout Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. MMKSI also donated a total of 5,000 face masks and 100 sets of food packages (which are the minimum necessities for living, such as rice, cooking oil, canned food) to children at orphanages, to social foundations, and those who have been impacted from COVID 19 pandemic.


The portable hand washing station units installed allow people to wash hands with a foot pump. The face masks donated are cloth masks and antibacterial masks.


MMKSI hopes that people can sustain a prolonged COVID-19 crisis by further increasing their awareness of washing hands and wearing face masks.


■Places where portable hand washing station units have been installed

  • RSUP Fatmawati
  • RS Pasar Rebo
  • RSUD Tarakan
  • Pasar Tomang Barat
  • Puskesmas Kembangan
  • Pasar Baru
  • Taman Jogging
  • Pasar Onderdil
  • RSU Kebayoran Lama
  • Pasar Cinere


■Recipients of face masks and food packages

  • COVID-19 National Task Force
  • Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia & RSCM
  • Daris Foundation
  • Panti Yatim Indonesia
  • Pesantren Al Munawaroh
  • Yayasan Wahid Hasyim An-Nahdiyyah


■Other actions against the spread of COVID-19 infections ※Japanese only