SEAT MATERIALS:Combination seats (Suede like synthetic leather + synthetic leather) (Black)

Note: Equipment may vary by market.
Please consult your local Mitsubishi Motors dealer/distributor for details.
This model is shown with optional equipment.

When The Vertical Screen You Can Choose The Seat Variation And Situation.

Forward Collision Mitigation System (FCM)

Helps prevent a frontal collision or reduce damage if the collision becomes unavoidable. Responds to vehicles and pedestrians via camera and laser radar.

Note: The detection and control capabilities of Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM) are supplemental only and do not prevent collisions in every situation. Please drive safely and do not rely solely on this system while driving. When the driving speed gap between your car and the car ahead exceeds 30 km/h, FCM cannot avoid a collision but will sound an alarm to warn the driver of the danger of the collision. Since FCM has no function to maintain braking, the brake is released approximately 2 seconds after stopping. To prevent the vehicle from rolling thereafter, the driver may have to hold the brake pedal down. In some cases, FCM may not function if the driver takes actions for accident avoidance through steering or acceleration operation. Please see the owner’s manual for additional information.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

This feature beeps and displays a warning if the vehicle drifts from its lane while the turn signals are not operating.

Note: Lane Departure Warning is not designed to lessen risks associated with not looking ahead carefully (attention drawn to something on the side, absentmindedness, etc.) or poor visibility caused by bad weather etc. Keep steering your vehicle correctly and drive safely. The system may not be able to detect the lane correctly in some conditions. Please see the owner’s manual for additional information.

Bluetooth® Hands-free Kit

Keep in touch while keeping safely in control with the hands-free kit. Link your Bluetooth®-compatible mobile phone, and the voice-activated dialer lets you make calls while holding the wheel.

Colour LCD multi-information display

The high-contrast meter cluster is attractively laid out to maximise style and visibility. 

9-Speaker ROCKFORD FOSGATE® Premium Sound System

Music fans will love the 9-speaker, 710W sound system. The speakers, located throughout the interior, fit precisely into the door panels, which act as a frequency enhancing speaker cabinet.

Note: Rockford Fosgate® and associated logos are registered trademarks of Rockford Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Fully automatic air conditioner

ASX features a fully automatic climate control system for the comfort of you and your passengers. 

Link System

The Link system connects external devices with the vehicle’s systems. Devices connected to the USB port or via Bluetooth®, such as mobile phones or MP3 players, may be controlled via the on-board switch or by voice command.

Active Stability Control (ASC)

ASC uses onboard sensors to analyze the vehicle’s motion and identify lateral wheel slippage. By governing engine output and controlling braking to the appropriate wheels, ASC helps maintain stability and traction control.

Note: The control capabilities of ASC/TCL are supplemental only. Please drive safely and never rely solely on these functions while driving. Be sure to use the same specified type and size of tires on all 4 wheels. Do not install any aftermarket limited slip differential on your vehicle. Please see the owner’s manual for additional information.

Front center armrest

The front center armrest has been equipped with a socket, allowing you to power your device anytime you need them, while the compartment can be used either with our without the removable tray depending on your usage.

Keyless Operation System with engine switch

ASX features a Keyless Operation System that allows you to start driving without ever taking your key from your pocket.  

Note: Radio waves from the Keyless Operation System may affect pacemakers and other medical devices. Please consult your local Mitsubishi Motors dealer/distributor for details.

Full-flat Rear Seat / 60:40 Split Foldable Seatback

To carry even larger items, the rear seat can be folded down completely flat to create an expansive cargo space. The 60:40 split rear seat can also be partially folded down, giving you the room to carry bicycles or other extra-long items, while still having rear seating available.

Cargo Capacity

No matter where you’re headed, ASX lets you carry whatever you need for when you get there, with up to 358 liters of available cargo capacity with five passengers. The tailgate is wide enough to provide ample space for even the bulkiest items, and the low floor height makes it convenient to move heavy cargo in and out.