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Eclipse Cross PHEV MITSUBISHI Remote Control

MITSUBISHI Remote Control App

Remote control is possible with your wireless LAN device within the areas where wireless LAN communication with your vehicle can be done.
You can check the status of the charging timer and remote climate control and the latest status of your vehicle.

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MITSUBISHI Remote Control

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Requires iOS12 or later versions

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iOS 1.0.2

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Requires Android6.0 or later versions

  • Not compatible with some models
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Android A.1.0.2

  • The wireless LAN password is on the registration information card (attached to Keyless Operation Key).


  • There is no communication fee to communicate with your vehicle through the wireless device. You only pay charges while downloading the app.
  • The contents are as of November 2023 and are subject to change or discontinue without notice.
  • The screens are images for reference only and may differ from the actual screens.
  • Depending on your wireless device, you might not be able to use some or all functions.
  • This app applies to AndroidOS 6.0 and iOS12 or later versions. However, depending on the Android device and iOS version, you might not be able to use various parts of the app.
  • The dedicated app is required to be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Depending on communication conditions, you might not be able to use some or all functions.
  • If you use other apps that require an internet connection while using this app, ensure you change the Wi-Fi connection (SSID) after you exit this app.
  • MITSUBISHI Remote Control communicates directly between your vehicle and the wireless device without connecting to the Internet.
  • The wireless LAN communication range may vary depending on your wireless device or surrounding environments. When used in clear environment, the range may vary from several meters to tens of meters.
  • Wireless LAN communication is in accordance with IEEE802.11b.
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