Seatbelts are the foundation of safety!

Seatbelts are the most important piece of safety equipment drivers and passengers can use to reduce their risk of injury or death in an accident. Approximately half of all people killed in traffic accidents were not wearing their seatbelt. Many of these deaths could have been prevented simply by buckling up.
MMC strongly urges everyone to wear their seatbelts every trip, every time!

Seatbelts with Pre-Tensioner & Force Limiter

The driver and front passenger seatbelt pre-tensioners are designed to activate in response to frontal impacts that can cause serious injury or death. When the airbag sensor detects this type of frontal impact, the pre-tensioner quickly draws back seatbelt webbing to help increase the performance of the seatbelt.
In addition, if excessive forces are applied to the seatbelt by the driver or front passenger during the accident sequence, the force limiter will act to limit the force applied to the driver and/or front passenger's chest, helping to reduce their risk of injury.

Function of Pre-Tensioners and Force Limiters

Function of Pre-Tensioners and Force Limiters