We created the S-AWC technology with the goal of realizing "predictable handling" and "high margin of performance"at a very high level.

S-AWC is an Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control System that realizes the AWC concept at a very high level. Its advanced integrated control manage the driving forces and braking forces of the four wheels to help realize vehicle behavior that is faithful to the operation by the driver under a variety of driving conditions, making it possible for "anyone to drive comfortably with peace of mind."

S-AWC chassis model

S-AWC chassis model

There is three kinds of specifications of S-AWC.

There is three kinds of specifications of S-AWC

Example of Outlander(S-AWC model)
(Factory Option with 4WD Model)

S-AWC used in Outlander adds Active Yaw Control (AYC), which controls the brakes and power steering to regulate torque split between the left and right wheels, and an Active Front Differential (AFD) * to the 4WD drivetrain. This results in further enhancements in the car's ability to accurately trace the chosen line through corners, in stability in both straight-line driving and lane changing maneuvers and in traction and control on slippery surfaces. The S-AWC drivetrain on the new Outlander offers four modes of operation. AWC ECO feeds torque just to the front wheels under normal circumstances for superior fuel economy while switching to 4WD when slippery surfaces are encountered; NORMAL optimally regulates torque feed to each individual wheel in accordance with driving conditions; SNOW gives optimum traction and handling control when driving over ice, snow or other slippery surfaces; and LOCK delivers the full capabilities of 4WD all-terrain performance. The driver can select any of these modes manually using the Drive Mode Selector located in the center console.

*:  Front electronic controlled LSD (Limited Slip Differential) which limits the differential speed between right and left front wheel by an electronic control clutch, and controls the driving torque distribution of front axle.

Drive mode selector

Drive mode selector

Example of Outlander PHEV
(Standard Equipment with All Model)

S-AWC used in Outlander PHEV has the integrated control function of Twin Motor 4WD and AYC which controls the driving force distribution between front and rear wheels and between right and left wheels. And TWIN Motor 4WD controls the driving torque and the regenerative braking torque by front and rear electric-motors respectively. AYC controls braking force for each wheel respectively. Moreover, ABS and ASC is controlled optimally. S-AWC achieves a faithful handling to the driver's operation and enhanced stability, and supports the driver safety, the comfortable vehicle characteristic and the efficient vehicle driving.
Driver can select two operating mode by 4WD LOCK switch: "NORMAL" is for usual use and "4WD LOCK" is for higher traction ability.

4WD LOCK Switch

4WD LOCK Switch

Example of Lancer Evolution(Standard Equipment with GSR Model)

S-AWC offers integrated control of ACD, which controls the differential limit between the front and rear wheels, AYC, which controls the torque between the left and right wheels, and sports ABS and ASC, both of which provide brake control, to independently control the respective driving forces and braking forces of the four wheels. It realizes seamless and effective control in all driving situations including acceleration, deceleration and turning.

Lancer Evolution offers three operating modes: TARMAC for dry, paved surfaces GRAVEL for wet or unmade surfaces, and SNOW for snow covered surfaces. When the driver selects the mode best suited to current road surface conditions S-AWC operates to control vehicle behavior accordingly and allow the driver to extract the maximum dynamic performance from his vehicle.

This technology has improved dynamic performancein a wide range of driving conditions, including improved steering responsiveness in sports driving on dry, paved surfaces etc. and improved stability and controllability when cornering on slippery road surfaces.