PHEV System

Environmentally-friendly EV driving for everyday use, motor-based hybrid driving for long-range travel.
A reliable power supply in case of emergencies.

Mitsubishi Motors has been developing electric vehicles (EVs) from early on to tackle environmental problems such as global warming and air pollution. We introduced EVs including the i-MiEV and the Minicab-MiEV, which are mainly used as city commuters. However, it is necessary for EVs to overcome such challenges as driving range and charging infrastructure to meet a broader range of expectations.
Our solution to these challenges is the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). With a PHEV, you can enjoy EV driving for everyday activities such as shopping, and commuting to work, and hybrid driving for outings and longer trips on weekends without worrying about charging. The electricity stored in the drive battery can be used as power supply for outdoor leisure or in case of power outages and other emergencies. You can also use electricity at home via Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) system.
In a sense, PHEV is a storage battery that runs, and it is a social-good mobility that not only provides a solution to environmental problems but also serves as part of infrastructure to supply power even when it is stationary. With environmentally-friendly technologies centered on PHEVs, we will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Outlander PHEV model

Fully redesigned for the first time in nearly eight and a half years, the second generation Outlander PHEV model debuted in 2021with a new-generation twin-motor 4WD PHEV system. With an upgraded motor output and increased battery capacity, the new Outlander achieves even more dynamic road performance along with expanded capacity as an external power supply. Thanks to integrated components and an optimized layout, the new model seats seven passengers in three rows. It also comes packed with features such as seven available drive modes for various weather and road conditions, offering a safe, secure and comfortable driving experience to everyone who gets behind the wheel.

Eclipse Cross PHEV model

In addition to its combination of stylish, sleek body and dynamic SUV handling, the PHEV variant of the Eclipse Cross is equipped with the reliable, high-performance twin-motor 4WD PHEV system developed for the Outlander PHEV. It was first launched in Japan as the company’s second PHEV model and is also available in Australia, New Zealand and some parts of Europe.

● Major awards:

・2021: RJC Technology of the Year for 2022 (Japan)

・2020: Good Design Award 2020 (Japan)

Contact your nearby Mitsubishi Motors for detailed specifications and available features of the Eclipse Cross PHEV model.

Outlander PHEV (first generation)

The Outlander PHEV was launched in Japan in 2013 as the world's first plug-in hybrid SUV, and won multiple accolades including the Innovation Award in Japan Car of the Year and RJC Technology of the Year. The Outlander PHEV is rolled out in over 60 countries, including Japan, Europe, North America, and Oceania, and has led the PHEV category with approximately 290,0001 units sold as of September 2021. In the ASEAN region, we have launched the model in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand, as we continue striving to boost the prevalence of electric vehicles globally.

In pursuit of further improving the performance of electric vehicles, we entered the Outlander PHEV in international rallies in Asia, Oceania and Europe from 2013 to 2015, verifying the reliability of mass-production technologies and the potential of advanced technologies.

●  Major awards;

・2013: 2013-2014 Japan Car of the Year Innovation Award

・2013: RJC Technology of the Year for 2014 (Japan)

・2018: Green Car Journal’s 2019 Green SUV of the Year (US)

・2018: Company Car and Van magazine’s 2019 Best Plug-in Vehicle (UK)

1. As of the end of September 2021